avoding engine blowby

Engine Blowby problems, most don’t need a rebuild!

Engine Blowby problems or Cylinder “Blow-by” (excessive crankcase pressure) is a common and worrying problem encountered by most truckies at some stage in their career. Concern is certainly justified, as it typically means an expensive engine rebuild is necessary, and this is usually recommended by mechanics and dealers. But, according to Brisbane based Cost Effective Maintenance, wear is not the most common cause of  blowby. Piston ring deposits, sufficient to cause fouling in the ring groove, and/or cylinder glaze account [...]

overheating problems

Nissan Patrol & Landcruiser Overheating Problems

Time and time again, we are contacted by customers who have overheating problems with their diesel engines that they cannot rectify. Many have spent $3000 to $4000 on big core radiators, new water pumps, thermostats, fan hubs, chemical cleaning and more, yet have not fixed the problem. The typical pattern is that their engines run hot under load (eg towing a trailer, going up a range, higher cruising speeds), rather than idling in traffic. As soon as they back off the [...]

emission control diesel engine maintenance

Maintain emission control equipment the CEM way, for longer, trouble-free engine life!

We continually hear of modern low emission, heavy duty truck engines having to be rebuilt at only 600,000km or less, and many stories of long periods out of service. One of the biggest issues in maintaining reliability is keeping the emission control equipment working properly. Normally, this just means keeping everything clean and working freely. However, that’s easier said than done. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves can load up with soot, as can turbos, diesel particulate filters (DPF), Ad Blue injectors [...]

Cost savings boost coal production

According to the laws of physics, power is the rate of performing work. When applied to a diesel powered coal mining fleet, an increase in power results in an increase in production. Of course, a production drive is a little more complicated, but never-the-less, more power is one method of increasing production, and it just happens by itself. In the background! With no additional effort! A well-established means of increasing power (without compromising equipment warranties, durability and service life) is [...]

Cost Reductions in Driveline Maintenance

The key to this is minimizing operational stresses within gearboxes, differentials, planetaries, etc, since the less stress and loadings placed on each individual part within components, the longer everything lasts. Heavy duty gearbox, transfer case, 2 diffs and 4 portal gear housings mean big frictional losses for this Unimog 4×4 truck. In this article, lubrication enhancements will be discussed. Stress reduction will require a lowering of the coefficient of friction between moving parts (gears, bearings, thrust washers, etc). That means that [...]

How to keep older equipment in service for much longer…with better reliability!

Clean up & keep all systems clean. Maintain full lubrication. Protect against corrosion. Reduce component stress. The less stress and loadings placed on each individual part within engines, transmissions, etc, the longer everything lasts. Admittedly, while that’s easier said than done, it’s actually not hard at all! Let’s look at the practical aspects of exactly what needs to be done in specific detail… Clean up & keep all systems clean. First up, of course, good housekeeping principles are always essential. External [...]

Additives for Managing Common Rail Diesel Emission Control Equipment

Common Rail Diesel engines were introduced to meet the need for more stringent exhaust emission requirements. Fuel pumps, injectors, EGR valves, catalytic convertors and diesel particulate filters are all integral parts of the emission control system. Most of the problems encountered can be corrected and controlled with the correct use of quality, purpose designed additives. Cost Effective Maintenance produce a range of products to manage CRD problems. Some of the problems regularly encountered include… Injector rattle and poor fuel economy. Injector [...]

Fuel & Oil Additives a Cost Effective Option!

There’s always been a lot of scepticism surrounding the use of fuel and oil additives, and a lot of this has its beginning with “snake oil” salesmen making claims that they simply could not deliver on. Yet today, there are more problems with deposits in modern, precision, high performance engines, than ever before. Fuel systems, combustion chambers, turbochargers, catalytic convertors, diesel particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation valves, inlet manifolds, crankcases, piston rings are all candidates for fouling deposits that sap [...]

Loss of POWER!! More power & torque! or YOUR Money Back!!

If you think that new vehicle performance is as good as it gets, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise! As advanced as modern petrol and diesel engines are, there are still substantial inefficiencies that prevent full power reaching the wheels. Most notable is internal frictional losses, and in diesel engines, this can be a staggering 25% of the horsepower developed in the combustion chamber!! Another area is the combustion process itself. The series of chemical reactions that is called [...]

Hilux D4D bad fuel Injector Problem…fix it for $54.

Like all new vehicle dealers, Knight’s Toyota (Leongatha, VIC) service their customers vehicles, but these days, they do something a little different. After first using CEM’s products to successfully address specific problems, they realized that there was an opportunity to improve their customers’ vehicle performance and driveability by incorporating some of CEM’s products during routine servicing. Delighted customers talk, and word of mouth (the cheapest form of advertising) has boosted business for Knight’s Toyota. Recently, a customer with a 2008 Hilux [...]