• XTROLL Rust Conqueror UV

    Rust Conqueror UV is a powerful rust penetrating, moisture repelling clear varnish like coating. It penetrates the rust layers while impregnating the underlying metal surfaces, creating a 99% pore free isolating film. It embeds rust in its substance and bonds the rust back to the surface.
    It will stop further under film corrosion.
    Rust Conqueror UV has exceptionally high penetration ability to migrate into seams, as well as encapsulating existing rust, isolating it from the atmosphere, and bonding it back to the metal surface.
    For Australian customers only.

    From: $71.24
  • Silver

    Xtroll Silver is a Rust Conqueror based paint  designed to give a physical barrier to moisture
    and weathering, and more importantly greatly reducing heat transfer.

    • Exceptional for use in areas of immersion, boat trailers etc.
    • High coverage rates, mean economy on the job.
    • Has a huge tolerance for UV, long life in harsh sun.
    • Great for decreasing heat transfer.

    For Australian customers only.

    From: $51.44
  • Impact Black

    Xtroll Impact Black, is a fast drying heavy duty enamel coating. Easy to apply and dry to touch after one hour.

    • Ideal on chassis of off road vehicles, particularly beach vehicles.
    • Use over Rust Conqueror for the ultimate under body protection.
    • Use on buried pipe or metal, ideally in conjunction with Rust Conqueror.
    • Hard wearing, excellent life.

    For Australian customers only.

    From: $51.44
  • GP Primer

    Xtroll GP Primer is a single pack solvent based primer, which is a blend of Rust Conqueror and a quick drying alkyd primer for use on metal surfaces. Xtroll GP Primer is typically used on every type of clean metal surface or structure, for example: roofs, vehicles, towers, tanks, cranes, bridges etc. plus any other Rust Conqueror coated surface. Used in wharf areas when over coated with suitable top coats, for immersed steel and concrete structures in salt or fresh water situations.
    For Australian customers only.
    From: $47.48