• XTROLL Rust Conqueror

    Rust Conqueror is a powerful rust penetrating, moisture repelling clear varnish like coating. It penetrates the rust layers while impregnating the underlying metal surfaces, creating a 99% pore free isolating…

    From USD $71.24
  • Xtroll Silver

    Xtroll Silver is a Rust Conqueror based paint  designed to give a physical barrier to moisture
    and weathering, and more importantly greatly reducing heat transfer.

    Exceptional for use in areas of…

    From USD $51.44
  • Xtroll Impact Black

    Xtroll Impact Black, is a fast drying heavy duty enamel coating. Easy to apply and dry to touch after one hour.

    Ideal on chassis of off road vehicles, particularly beach vehicles.

    From USD $55.40
  • Xtroll GP Primer

    Xtroll GP Primer is a single pack solvent based primer, which is a blend of Rust Conqueror and a quick drying alkyd primer for use on metal surfaces. Xtroll…

    From USD $47.48