Hilux D4D fuel Injector Problem

Hilux D4D bad fuel Injector Problem

Like all new vehicle dealers, Knight’s Toyota (Leongatha, VIC) service their customers vehicles, but these days, they do something a little different. After first using CEM’s products to successfully address specific problems  in this case a Hilux D4D fuel injector problem . They realized that there was an opportunity to improve their customers’ vehicle performance and driveability by incorporating some of CEM’s products during routine servicing. Delighted customers talk, and word of mouth (the cheapest form of advertising) has boosted [...]

Internal filter for a provent catch can.

When to change a ProVent filter

ProVent 200 Catch Cans do a remarkable job of filtering oily crank case fumes from entering the inlet area. One of the common mistakes people make is not replacing the filter, or not knowing when to change a ProVent filter. Depending on the age and condition of the engine the ProVent Filter will be good from anywhere from 20 000 kms to 40 000 kms. Yes, this is a big window of difference, however once you replace the first filter, the ongoing [...]

Cylinders treated with FTC Decarbonizer

How to fix engine blow by

According to Brid Walker, of Cost Effective Maintenance, “There’s a big window of opportunity on how to fix engine blow by problems, before serious engine wear occurs. Most drivers can easily tell when thing aren’t quite right, for example , the engine is  “Getting a bit tired” or “starting to breath heavy”, it’s “using more oil  than usual” or “there’s a fair bit of  smoke out the exhaust”. Engine blow-by, smoke and oil use are related issues that, if ignored, can turn [...]

Dirty black diesel oil from a Toyota Prado

Why flush a diesel engine?

It’s often been said, “If your engine’s oil is changed according to schedule, it should never need a flush!” In a perfect world this might be so, but there are numerous factors which will cause engine sludge to build up, and piston rings to become fouled. With emission control components fitted to today’s engines, along with extended oil change intervals and city driving cycles, black oil sludge is now more common the ever! Why do I need to flush my engine? City driving [...]

Izuzu DPF Filter uses FTC Decarbonizer

Regen problems? How to fix them!

Regen problems generally arise where city driving, excessive idling or light duty cycles are encountered. Or, if other engine components such as EGR valves, turbochargers, injectors are fouled or not working properly. DPF regeneration cycles then become more frequent, and more prolonged! And…more serious! DPF’s often need replacing at a cost of $5,000-$10,000, and in some cases, are not covered under new vehicle warranty! Excessive regens can dramatically reduce engine life, as it causes your engine oil to become heavily diluted [...]

Diesel Particulate Filter blocked with soot, needs cleaning

Diesel particulate filter problems: How to solve them

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is an effective means of minimising emissions of dangerous fine particles in exhaust emissions. But, in reality, DPFs are a band-aid remedy, and bring with them a whole new range of expensive, annoying and inconvenient problems. However, there is already a simple, low cost solution available, which addresses the root cause of these problems. What is required is to clean up the fuel burn, rather than “after treat” it with a diesel particulate filter! This [...]

engine covered in a bad oil sludge buildup

Engine Sludge…Act quickly, or it’ll kill your engine.

Engine Sludge…Act quickly! Or it’ll kill your engine! “Engine sludge is on the top of the agenda again…”Sludge affects both petrol and diesel engines, and is surprisingly common. Sludge is a gooey, tarlike deposit that reduces or shuts off oil circulation and can mean thousands of dollars to repair or replace an engine that has seized. Sludge also directly causes oil consumption, power loss, high fuel consumption, oil pressure problems, hard starting, blow by and overheating. The problem is well [...]

Dirty injectors are one of the many signs of common rail diesel problems

Common rail diesel problems: how to understand and resolve them

Common rail diesels have been with us for 10 years now, and there’s no sign of their problems abating! Almost all common rail diesel problems are expensive. This makes preventative maintenance a very valuable investment indeed for your vehicle. Since so many of our customers own common rail diesels, Jimmy and I thought we should help you to identify and understand the sorts of problems regularly encountered. That then makes it a lot easier for you to decide what action [...]

Isuzu Dmax Ute, Fuel efficiency testing

Improved Fuel Efficiency government approved testing

Over the years many of our customers tell us that after running Cost Effective Products through their vehicles and equipment they actually “run better than new!”(including noticeably improved fuel efficiency). Well, they’re dead right! And now, here’s the proof… It stands to reason that if you clean up a dirty engine, it’ll probably run better, right? But, what about a brand new vehicle – is it possible to achieve Improved Fuel Efficiency? To answer this question, we spent hours researching what type of [...]

pro maintenance additives

CEM distributes to the USA with Pro Maintenance Additives

To assist with the ever increasing volume of orders being dispatched to the USA and internationally, it was time for CEM to engage the help of a well-established international distributor. Finding a business that could handle all the technical requests and was set up to handle large volumes of domestic and fleet based customers was a priority. In early 2017 the team at Pro Maintenance Additives started helping CEM to expand even further into the US market, and in early [...]

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