Kathon Fuel 15

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KATHON FP 15 fuel biocide is designed to combat microbial contamination and related operational problems in refined fuel.

Widely used in global shiping, domestic and millitary use, bulk fuel and transportation storage. 

  • Kills fuel bacteria “bugs” yeast, mold, and other microorganisms.
  • Suitable in the fuel and water phase.
  • Works effectively with limited down time.  
  • Prevents bacteria caused filter and fuel line clogging.
  • Prevents and breaks up bacteria caused sludge and slime.
  • Concentrated treat rate.


Kathon Fuel Protection 15 

Is the world leading fuel microbicide.

Where biological problems are present Kathon FP 15 can be used to effectivity kill any bacteria present in the fuel system.

Kathon FP 1.5 is soluble in both the water phase and fuel phase and can be treated at the terminal, Bulk Fuel Storage, Transported fuel, or specific service stations.

  • Broad spectrum activity
  • Rapid inhibition of microbial growth
  • Long term preservation
  • Complete system protection
  • Widely approved
  • Professional users only 

*Not for use in Jet Fuel*  

KATHON FP 15 is an effective, well-recognized, and trusted product that is used to protect fuel products including diesel, low sulfur diesel (LSD), ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD), unleaded gasoline, marine, and biodiesel fuels from microbial spoilage.



  3L : 10 000 tank (300ppmv)

Curative Treatment: For heavily fouled systems, treatment levels of 300 ppm
KATHON FP 15 should be used. This dosage may need to be repeated periodically to
maintain control of these microorganisms. Grossly contaminated systems may require
physical cleaning to remove debris.

Additive Treatment: Continuous dosing with 100 – 150 ppm KATHO FP 15 will
ensure that a distribution system remains free from microbial growth.

General Recommendations: Whatever method of addition is employed appropriate
precautions should always be taken.

  • Avoid any dermal contact. Suitable protective clothing should be worn (including
    rubber gloves and safety goggles/face shield).
  • Do not exceed solubility level of KATHON FP 15 (approximately 5000 ppm or 5 kg
    KATHON FP 15 / 1000 kg of fuel).
  • Fuel tanks being treated with KATHON FP 15 should be at least 10% full. Never
    dispense KATHON FP 15 into an empty fuel tank.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose levels for KATHON FP 15.

Road Vehicles: It is impractical to dose KATHON FP 15 directly into vehicle fuel tanks.
Instead fuel treated with KATHON FP 15 should be used.

Marine Vessels: Wherever feasible fuel tanks should be cleaned. As with road vehicles,
direct addition of KATHON FP 15 may be impractical. The use of fuel treated with
KATHON  FP 15 is therefore the preferred method of addition.

Storage Tanks: In order to optimise distribution of KATHON  FP 15 addition into a
flowing fuel stream is preferred. Either slug or continuous feed dosing can be used. It
should be noted however that other methods of addition, such as dumping, will not
affect the performance of KATHON FP 15.

NB: KATHON™ FP 15 is not surface active. It will therefore encourage rather than inhibit
water separation

*Not for use in Jet Fuel*  *Not to be addeded directly into vehicle fuel tanks *

Case History 1

Kathon 1.5

In the mid 1980’s a major Western European Navy was experiencing an increasing
number of problems attributed to microbial growth in their fuel storage systems. Having
identified the nature and cause of the problem a trial was set up to identify the most
effective biocide. Effectiveness was measured in terms of:
a) Cost efficacy.
b) Performance, measured by reduction in microbial counts plus ATP level.
A tank containing 14,000 m3
of fuel was treated with KATHON™ FP 1.5. This treatment
eradicated water bottom contamination within 5 hours and contamination in the fuel
within 24 hours. During the remaining 20 weeks of the trial there was no recurrence of
the problem.
On the basis of this performance KATHON™ FP 1.5 was selected as the biocide of choice.
It has since been regularly used on an additive basis, to ensure that strategic military
and civil fuel reserves remain free from microbial contamination

Case History 2
A major multinational oil company recently experienced persistent contamination
problems in a diesel fuel distribution system. The problems were most apparent at end
user level, however investigation showed that the whole distribution network from
refinery storage downwards had become contaminated.
Curative treatment with KATHON™ FP 1.5 was used to eradicate contamination. This was
followed by an extended period of continuous additive dosing to the refinery storage
tanks. Dosing at this point ensured that the fuel remained protected as it was
transferred through the distribution system. For the duration of the trial the fuel
remained free from contamination at all stages – right through to the end users.
Once the biocide treatment was removed the contamination problems rapidly returned.



 Download Kathon 1.5 Techniocal Data Sheet Kathon 15 TDS

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