CRD Fuel Enhancer – Fuel Cleaner Additive for Diesel Engines

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The most effective fuel additive for common rail diesels
1 small bottle treats 2000L of diesel.
(10ml treats 80L)
  • Diesel injector cleaner
  • Save on expensive injector & pump costs
  • Eliminates or minimises injector rattle
  • Protection against contaminated diesel
  • Boosts diesel lubricity
  • Anti-corrosion protection for pumps and injectors
  • DPF Compatible
  • Restores power & economy
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Why Replacing Injectors May Only Be a “Band aid” Fix     

Knight’s Toyota dealership had a 2007 Hilux arrive with a bad and unmistakable rattle, and all the injectors scored off scale readings. The engine was shaking, rattling and knocking a lot, indicating a costly replacement of at least $4000 for new injectors.

The owners were offered CRD diesel fuel additive instead of paying for costly replacements. Using this effective product saw the Hilux injectors testing “as new ” and performing soundly. In this case, the injectors were actually fine, and the root cause was restored by using a diesel fuel additive returning full cleanliness to the injectors. It also worked by providing necessary lubricity to better cope with the high temperature, high pressure, and fine tolerances of the common rail system.

Like all automotive systems there’s no lack of horror stories about problems with common rail diesel engines. Our fuel system cleaner is the real- life FIX for most common rail issues and adds life to your system. Benefits include:

  • Cleans the entire CRD fuel system
  • Concentrated injector cleaner
  • Boosts diesel lubricity
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Restores power & economy
  • Complete treatment
  • 250ml treats 2000L of diesel

Using this product will help you save between $ 1500 to $20 000 in replacement parts to ensure everything is running smoothly long-term.

Try Our System Cleaner Additive Before You Rebuild

By using our system cleaner additive, you can:

  • Prevent, eliminate, or minimize noisy injector rattle from your CRD engine caused by noisy valve tappets. 
  • The injector could be fouled by contaminant or is seizing due to inadequate lubrication. Excessive fueling would likely be causing detonation inside the combustion chamber, instead of smooth combustion.
  • Clean the pump & injector deposits and disperses contaminants as they form.
  • Boost lubricity.
  • Provide exceptional anti-rust protection to pumps and injectors

Is your fuel consumption going through the roof, or is your vehicle performance suffering? Save anywhere between $2000 to $20,000 on replacement parts and motor repairs by using our additive.

CRD Injectors and pumps are expensive, run incredibly fine tolerances, and are highly stressed due to enormous pressures and high temperatures. Compared to older technology diesel fuel systems, they are totally unforgiving of any contamination. Small amounts of water or contamination will wreck pumps and injectors and are generally non-repairable, meaning replacement components are required.

The damage doesn’t always stop with injectors and pumps, another common problem includes sticking injectors resulting in melted pistons. Costing around $10,000 to $20,000 for replacement. Compared to the cost of our treatment were saving you a considerable amount of money with less interruptions in using your vehicle. 

CRD engines have been developed to meet the latest emission standards, and diesel fuel sulphur is now very low for the same reason. However low sulphur fuel happens to compound another problem, lubricity! Pumps and injectors rely on diesel fuel for lubrication and with its reduction, they must get the proper treatment. 

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CRD Fuel Enhancer

CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

Instructions: How to clean and maintain diesel injectors

Add to diesel fuel at 10mL per 80L

CRD Fuel Enhancer can be double dosed when: 

  • Injector feedback values are out of spec
  • Badly worn injectors with a severe injector rattle 
  • Bad diesel fuel has affected vehicle performance 

Common Rail technology was introduced to diesels in 2007, and these will require CRD Fuel Enhancer. It can be used in earlier diesel engines, but is not suitable for petrol engines.

How to use CRD Fuel Enhancer

The Common Rail Diesel (CRD) injection system is the most recent development to achieve ever more stringent diesel exhaust emission standards, but it is currently associated with widespread problems, including engine rattles, expensive injector and fuel pump failures, injector sticking, stalling problems and rapid piston and liner wear. Problems have been documented across a wide range of engine suppliers, including Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan and many more.

Cost Effective Maintenance have specifically developed our fuel additive ‘CRD Fuel Enhancer’, to address rattles, and provide smooth operation of fuel pumps and injectors. Used routinely, it will increase the service life of fuel systems and minimize the potential for the above problems.

The CRD system requires a significant increase in operating pressure compared to earlier systems. Fuel system pressures of up to (and above) 30,000 psi are required, and combined with ultrafine tolerances of diesel pumps and injectors, achieve superior fuel atomization for cleaner combustion. There are several factors that place significant additional stress on this system, compared to earlier diesel injection systems…

  1. The increased operating pressure causes higher loadings on equipment, and this places a bigger demand on the fuel’s lubricating ability.
  2. The higher pressure causes much higher fuel temperatures, which can actually degrade the fuel, forming fouling deposits within pumps and injectors.  Such deposits interfere with the fine tolerances, to cause sticking, malfunction and injector wear. This risk increases if using biodiesel blends, since biodiesel by nature, degrades faster.
  3. Diesel sulphur levels have been reduced, to reduce smoke emissions. However, sulphur provides lubrication, so lowering sulphur levels can result in greater wear to very expensive fuel pumps and injectors.
  4. CRD engines are designed with much finer tolerances within pumps and injectors, as well as piston to liner clearances, making them much more susceptible to deposits, and also the presence of any water contamination in the fuel.

CRD Fuel Enhancer provides strongly enhanced fuel lubricity, superior deposit control for fuel pumps and injectors, and exceptional anti-rust/anti-corrosion protection. While it’s recommended as a routine preventative step for CRD engines, it has been shown to eliminate severe injector rattle, restore operating performance and economy. It is designed specifically for Common Rail Diesels, but is suitable for all diesel engines. It is not recommended for petrol engines.

Many Common Rail Diesels are also prone to building high levels of soot in the oil. For this reason, we also recommend using the Flushing Oil Concentrate. Look for the CRD Fuel Enhancer/Flushing Oil Concentrate Special (CRD/FOC) fuel treatment package for a full system clean

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Case Studies

Hilux uses CRD from new .

Hey gents, just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I’ve just done 10,000 clicks on my Hilux and used your product from the start. No rattles at all unlike my mates that doesn’t use anything. Currently at Moreton Island from Melbourne amazing place so much fun. Good to know I can rely on my motor staying clean and working at its best. Thanks Gasso


CRD saves Prado TD with petrol in diesel

Report from Knight’s Toyota (Tristan) Their customer had purchased a new Prado TD and were travelling. After a 240km drive the Prado stopped and wouldn’t restart.

It was subsequently delivered by tilt tray to Knight’s Toyota (Leongatha VIC), where they were told that the owner had accidentally refuelled the Prado with 130L of petrol prior to driving the 240km. Service manager, Tristan Wilson advised the owner to expect a very costly rebuild as it was almost inevitable that a new fuel pump and injectors would be required.

While Knight’s had a lot of success rectifying injector problems with Cost Effective Maintenance’s CRD Fuel Enhancer, they didn’t expect it could save this engine. However, they decided to give it a go.

After draining the contaminated fuel, a strong dose of CRD Fuel Enhancer was added to 20L of diesel, and the fuel system bled. To their surprise, the engine started and within 5 minutes of rough running it cleared. A diagnostic check indicated that everything was OK, and the vehicle was test driven and then returned to a rather happy owner. Follow up communication with the owner confirmed that the engine was performing perfectly.

This kind of personal service from the Team at Knights Toyota is outstanding !

2012 Colorado 4×4 dual cab gets petrol in the diesel

This customer was using CRD Fuel Enhancer in the diesel of his Colorado. He was running low on fuel so put $20 in till he got to his usual servo to fill up. It ran a bit rough after a while & he thought he might have got some water in the fuel, so checked the filter drain & all clean. He put in some more CRD Fuel Enhancer as extra lubrication & protection against rust.

It seemed “OK”sh  at highway speed so drove the 80km home. But into local traffic it struggled to get any revs above idle!

So next morning it was tray topped to the Holden dealer, who soon reported that there was petrol in the diesel, and that Colorado fuel pumps don’t handle petrol or water and it will need to be replaced. But when the job was complete, there was some good news…they couldn’t fault the pump or injectors. The system had all been cleaned out and was ready to pick up!

Knight’s Toyota, Leongatha (VIC)

Hi Brid, i have attached the dyno sheet of the Hilux you have mentioned in the add. This dyno run was done after the vehicle had done a run to Cape York with your CRD additive. Before it had left for Cape York all injector feedback values were off the scale, all reading –5 to +5 (these should be around –1 to +1 to be in spec). It was rattling, shaking and knocking alot. We sent the customer on his way with your product and trust of it to take the vehicle to Cape York without causing any damage.

Once the vehicle returned, these feedbacks on all injectors were around –0.5 to +0.8. Customer couldn’t believe the results. Whilst here for the service, we put the vehicle on the dyno before and after, after using your FOC and AW10 you can see the broad increase in torque and power right through the rev range. This vehicle was still using your CRD at the time it was on the dyno. From experience, with brand new Hilux’s we have put on the dyno for comparison, these vehicles are only making 70 to 85 RWKW. So the results of your product on a car that has done 160,000km is absolutely outstanding (105.4RWKW, we have never seen a stock Hilux make this much power!). I look forward to using your product on more vehicles in the future and keeping you updated with dyno results to prove your products. Thankyou

Tristan Wilson, KNIGHTS TOYOTA (Leongatha VIC)

Komatsu PC15-2 excavator…Toughest test yet for CRD Fuel Enhancer!

I have a worn out, old excavator that I bought for at-home landscaping. It might get used 1 or 2 times a year. Recently I did a small job, and just before I parked it up the revs were fading. I thought I ran it out of fuel. So 3 weeks later I thought I should refuel it and bleed the system. But then I noticed the fuel filter was full of water. It was through the fuel pump and injectors…it didn’t run out of fuel at all.

It hadn’t been refuelled for about 4 years, which had FTC Decarbonizer and Cleanpower in it, but it had built condensation. The pump pistons seemed to be seizing. I could only get a bit of water and rusty stain out in dribbles. My only change of recovering it to running state was to free up the pump, so I put CRD in the fuel tank and a strong hit in the fuel filter. I could only bleed a small amount through the pump, so I did a bit each day, by cranking it over a few times, then leaving it to soak over night. After a week of this, I reconnected the fuel lines and she fired up and sounds just as good as before.

D4D Hilux Ute

Paul Burgess purchased CRD Fuel Enhancer for his Hilux (70,000km) for preventative reasons, as he did not have any issues with it. He tows a camper trailer, and will normally sit on 100kph where possible. He recorded these fuel consumption figures while towing.

Tank before using CRD…15.3L/100k

1St Tank with CRD…14.2L/100k

Paul consider both to be similar driving conditions, and didn’t expect to see such an improvement of this size.

2005 R51 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 litre Turbo Diesel

Hi Guys, I have been using your products since discovering them in 4WD Action Magazine a couple of months ago. I drive loaded with a steel roof rack, bull bar, winch, drawers, fridge, etc, etc. It has 235,000 km on the clock, and sees its fair share of bush work.

I’ve always had a rattle in the morning, and I know it’s a sticky injector. I’ve poured all sorts of crap into that fuel tank, from “injector cleaner”, to 2 stroke oil, with no change. I tried your CRD Fuel Enhancer, thinking, “here goes, more money down the drain.” Well, wasn’t I amazed when the Pathy started running quieter, smoother and more economically, from about 150 km from the first dose. I even gave some to my mate across the road to try in his very rattly 2.8 ltr GU Patrol. We both agree, both engines are quieter and smoother.

Next, I tried the Decarboniser. I’m still within the first 20 hours, but already I have noticed a difference in smoke output and general performance.

Yesterday is where I became disappointed. I got some of your Flushing OIl Concentrate, and following the instructions to the letter, changed my oil. Today, I drove the usual 115 km to work, from Melton to Beaufort. Usually within this time, my oil would be the usual thick black. When I got to work, I thought I’d check the oil, feeling sure it would be black as usual. I pulled out the dipstick, and sure enough, I nearly had a heart attack. The dipstick had no oil on it!! I then had another look. I realised the dipstick had the correct amount of Penrite’s finest on it, but it was so clean I couldn’t see it.

Why am I disappointed? For years, I’ve tried different brands of fuel and oil treatments that claim to do magical things, but never live up to the promise. I could probably buy a new car with the money I’ve wasted. Finally, a product that does exactly what it claims to do. Each and every one of your products that I have tried so far has done exactly what it says it will do. Thank you for bringing these products to us. I will certainly do my best to spread the word.

Thanks Guys
Sean Murphy.

Comments from Pajero Forum…

Go to site. Brid Walker has been giving me the heads up and selling me various products for 25 years. He has a CRD additive available now on the net. Get to his site and have a read I would not drive my paj without CRD. I recently took the EGR system off the NT DID, and the intake manifold to clean it out. It was spotless. I also use their sludge cleaner once a year and the inside of the motor is spotless. The oil that is put in after a sludge clean is still clear a fortnight later”…Ben

20 reviews for CRD Fuel Enhancer – Fuel Cleaner Additive for Diesel Engines

  1. 5 out of 5

    Con Delves

  2. 5 out of 5

    Douglas Inall

  3. 5 out of 5

    Gary Symonds

    My D-Max is 7 years old and has 200K on the clock. The CRD additive in the fuel has improved economy, helped it work easier and cleaned up the insides of the engine. A great product.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Paul Thermos

  5. 5 out of 5

    Craig Cox

  6. 5 out of 5

    Rob Shaw

    The best thing I could of ever do for V8 land cruiser as I had bad fuel so water in fuel and coursed injection nock by googling this products I tried it and problem fixed. I was looking at having to replace my injectors at $5000.00 . So very impressed so thumbs up 👍.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Mark Benz

    Great product CRD, has improved fuel economy by about 50km per tank.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Stuart Gillies

    Great service. Fast delivery with good products

  9. 5 out of 5

    Trevor Blanch

    picked up a Prado with the 1kd motor with 350k on it had a slight rattle/tick. since running the common rail additive I’ve found the injectors to all become quieter and the engine running smoother. I highly recommend these guys!!

  10. 5 out of 5

    Luke Howell

    Great product CRD additive is working a treat better sound from the engine and fuel economy

  11. 4 out of 5

    Robert Martin

    I like the products, and use them regularly

  12. 4 out of 5

    Mark Hansen

    have been using the CRD fuel enhancer now for the last half dozen tanks and the vehicle appears to be running well and cleanly better than before and if it keeps the fuel pump and injectors in good condition that’s all I want.

  13. 5 out of 5

    John Clive

    This stuff is so impressive I had to come here to review it. I’ve got a Mitsubishi Challenger 2.5 4d56 with 200,000ks, it’s started to get noisy injectors. Thought I would give crd treatment a try not expecting a great deal. Well the injector rattle is markedly improved and I reckon I’ve delayed an expensive repair. I noticed a nice increase in power and responsiveness which was not expected, power increase was noticed within less than 100km’s. I’m onto the 3rd tank now, first 2 tanks were double dosed and it’s still improving!? I have no idea what this is made of but it is an absolute must for any diesel new or old. If I had only started using this 100,000k’s ago…. Very cost effective and a must must must have for your diesel.

  14. 5 out of 5

    Marcus St Vincent

    I have been using CRD Fuel Enhancer now for over 5 x years in several diesel vehicles. The product is legitimately fantastic in diesel engines. Since using both CRD & FTC (Nissan, Mazda, SsangYong and Colorado) we have not had a single issue with any injector, HP fuel pump or DPF filter in that time. We now use in every new diesel we get from new and could not be happier with the results after more than 750,000 km collectively between all diesel vehicles. In fact all we do is regularly change oil & oil filter and the fuel filters and have not spent a single $ on any diesel engine component ever since using CEM products. We have also tested the effect on fuel economy and genuinely get close to an extra 100km per tank in all vehicles when using the diesel fuel additives. Smoke is ZERO, Engine noise is same as new as tested with a dB meter after several years and no clogged DPF ever which is almost unheard of these days.These products are seriously good and do make a big difference and I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend them to you if you’re not familar with them or haven’t used them before. I always sing their praises to everyone I meet that runs diesel vehicles and love the fact that CEM is Australian owned and produces such amazing products that do legitimately work and make a big difference in both diesel and petrol powered vehicles. YOU SHOULD TRY THEM- YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!

  15. 5 out of 5

    Aaron Reid

    We have used the CRD Fuel enhancer for a few years and it has saved us $000’s on my 2012 Hilux 3l diesel after our son accidently filled 2/3 of a tank with unleaded and then drove approx 80-90km(on our wedding day!!!) The vehicle wouldn’t start initially after that trip and once we recognized what had happened we drained the remaining fuel from the tank refilled with diesel, primed and it started straight up, I took it immediately to a engine rebuilding associate who performed a feedback test on the injectors and they gave a good as new result and the motor is still going strong 30,000kms later.

  16. 2 out of 5


    Used in my 2016 gu patrol as a maintenance dose with no issues but when used in our low km np300 navara as a maintenance dose it caused injector rattle which it’s supposed to prevent. Cost me a great deal to try to diagnose the issue which none of the mechanics could. Only why I stopped using the product did the injector rattle stop. Maybe not suited to newer crd diesels.

  17. 5 out of 5


    Purchased 250ml to try about 6 months ago after I discovered the injector values in my LC200 were high in at least 3 injectors (1.9-2.3) 345000ks at the time. Used 10ml per tank (when I remembered to) until I ran out on 2/2/23. Checked engine data on 3/2/23 and injector values for all cyclinders had returned to less than 1.0 (+ or -) 358000ks. This was the only thing I added to my normal maintenance schedule in that time. I can provide before and after photos of the data screen when connected to Toyota Techstream.

  18. 5 out of 5

    Grahame Fellows

    Been using it for 6 months now great stopped the injecter rattle I use it in every tank I highly recommend this product

  19. 5 out of 5


    I had been using another product occasionally. I had also tried 3 or 4 different brands. I can say that there was an almost instant improvement in fuel economy and injector rattle with the first tank full of fuel using this product. Quite impressed. Nealy 400,000 kms on a 2010 Dmax.

  20. 5 out of 5

    Alex Doidge

    Brought the CRD Fuel enhancer after having low and irregular idle on startup, blowing smoke and loss of power, done a service, changed fuel filter with no change.. was starting to think injectors were stuffed. Added recommended dose. Filled the tank and took my truck for an hour drive. Next start up, she was running beautifully. No smoke, no rough idle was good as new!! The stuff is great. Low cost, good product! Recommend to all!

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