Hard Starting and Filthy Oil

Strange as it might seem, there’s a direct relationship between hard starting and filthy oil. Engines need good compression to start easily. Even slight piston ring sticking will result in cylinder compression loss, and this is readily caused by dirty oil. And that can make starting hard…especially from cold. It’s pretty easy to fix though.

Some diesels tend to contaminate the oil quickly with combustion soot. Problems arise when the new oil discolours quickly as it picks up sludge from the last oil service period. The cause is loss of oil detergency with soot overload. When this happens, the oil will stain your fingers. Deposits build up around piston rings and elsewhere.

Engine performance, economy, smoke, oil control, and engine wear are adversely affected. Regular use of Flushing Oil Concentrate and Cleanpower Fuel Treatment will correct and control this problem.

FOC will quickly remove all residual sludge from crankcases as well as fouling carbon deposits around piston rings and elsewhere, so that full compression is available. Cleanpower removes deposits from fuel pumps and injectors to optimize spray patterns and atomization, for a cleaner burn. This also assists with easier starting.

FTC Decarbonizer (in the fuel) makes the fuel ignite easier, so definitely promotes faster starting. It also produces a cleaner fuel burn, with less production of soot to contaminate the oil, so the oil stays cleaner for longer.


Paul Mitchell. “Just thought I would drop you an email. I bought your twin products in September. I have a Nissan GU Turbo diesel Patrol which has travelled 228000 klm. It has had regular oil changes every 5000 klm. Yet the oil was always thick and ‘goey’, even after an oil change. I have now used your product twice, the first time the oil was a little cleaner and not as thick. I did another oil change after about 2000klm. This has really cleaned out the dirty oil. It is now so clean I cannot even see it on the dip stick. Well done on a product that really works. I am sure my turbo is really appreciating the new clean oil.”