Problem Solver Checklist

Simply use this checklist to find the most cost effective solution for many common problems faced by vehicle and machinery owners today. Whether it’s yesterday’s technology, or the most modern hi-tech equipment available today, we have low cost solutions to very expensive problems.

Problem Example or Reason
CEM’s Solution
Common Rail Diesel injector problems, blamed on “bad fuel”
Hilux, Landcruiser, Prado, Navara, VW’s, Colorado’s, Hino’s, Isuzu’s, you name it…ALL CRD diesels
CRD Fuel Enhancer
Carbon Fouling of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve & Inlet Manifold
V8 Landcruiser diesels, Pajero DID’s, Tritons…ALL CRD diesels. Due to excess exhaust soot and crankcase fumes.
FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer
Sludge & filthy oil Series 60 Detroits, old Landcruisers, Hiluxes, Patrols, etc are real problems, but also most any diesel by 100,000kms use will have sludge.
Flushing Oil Concentrate
Diesel Smoke Refer: “Diesel smoke tells YOU a story! FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer
Overheating engine 4.2 Patrol diesels, 2.8L Hiluxes, and many older pre-combustion type diesels. Modern petrol engines now run a lot hotter, and are also prone to bad sludging (Camry V6, VW, Commodores, BMW, Hyundai, etc).
Flushing Oil Concentrate
Power Loss Dirty oil, coked up combustion chamber, carbon weighted turbo, fouled emission equipment, carbon build up in catalytic convertors, diesel particulate filters and mufflers are a few reasons FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower)
Blowby Series 60 Detroits, Cummins Signature & ISX engines, Cats on light work, 4×4’s older gummy engines. Plus anything getting a few kms up are usually a bit fouled around the rings, before they get bad wear.
FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate
Poor fuel economy Coked up engines & turbos, coked inlets, EGR’s fouled, poor maintenance, sludge, sticking rings, fouled emission controls and more.
FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower)
Glazed cylinders Usually due to light duty, excess idling, cold running. Sometimes changing oil type will also glaze.
FTC Decarbonizer, or you can use Flushing Oil Concentrate (if oil related, or vehicle cannot be driven at the moment)
Hard Starting Cold Compression drop from sticky rings, poor fuel atomization, deposits, mechanical reasons, etc
FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower)
Diesel Fuel Growths Fungi, algae & bacteria can grow in any diesel to create a slimey growth
FTC Decarbonizer
Notchy Gear changes Manual transmissions in Cars, 4x4s, trucks AW10 Antiwear
Engine rattles and noises Inadequate lubrication due to sludge & carbon Flushing Oil Concentrate, AW10 Antiwear, FTC Decarbonizer to clean up then enhance protection
Dirty fuel pump and injectors Common rail diesels & modern petrols particularly susceptible as well as older types
CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower)
Coked up engine & exhaust Prolonged light work, idling or poorly maintained engines FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate
Sticking piston rings Older or poorly maintained diesel & Petrol engines Flushing Oil Concentrate
Manual or Auto Gearbox running hot Mitsubishi Pajero automatics. Truck gearboxes and diffs. Dozer final drives
AW10 Antiwear
Noisy hydraulic lifters We do plenty of Commodores, but really any petrol or diesel engine


Flushing Oil Concentrate, AW10 Antiwear
Hydraulics running Hot. Also Automatic Transmissions running hot.
Hard working hydraulics, eg bobcats, excavators, mining shovels.

Pajero automatics are one of the more common for heating up excessively

AW10 Antiwear
“I just want to give it the best protection possible!” So do we! In the long run , it’s cheaper! You get much longer life, better power and economy, fewer repairs and enhanced driving pleasure.
FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower), AW10 Antiwear