Petrol Performance Pack

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  • Designed to optimize power and economy
  • Minimizing friction and wear in diesel engines, transmissions
  • Complete fuel system cleaner
  • Cleans & improves turbo and catalytic converter efficiency
  • Reduces harmful emissions 


Petrol Performance Pack

Designed to optimize power and economy while minimizing wear and internal stresses to petrol engines, transmissions, diffs and power steering. Maintains and improves cleanliness of fuel systems, combustion chambers, turbochargers and exhaust systems (including catalytic convertors, EGR’s, oxygen sensors, etc).

3 sizes available to suit petrol engines in good condition:

Small Pack
1L AW10 Antiwear
1L FTC Decarbonizer
250ml Cleanpower fuel treatment
1 FTC Ezypor Dispenser

Large Pack
5L AW10 Antiwear
5L FTC Decarbonizer
1L Cleanpower fuel treatment

Bulk Pack
20L AW10 Antiwear
20L FTC Decarbonizer
5L Cleanpower fuel treatment

For older petrol engines in sound condition, the Flushing Oil Concentrate should also be used.


1 review for Petrol Performance Pack

  1. 5 out of 5

    Trevor Spary

    A great combination of value added products. 3 great products that we use in our business Ute’s and our petrol driven cleaning equipment. Heat reduction is clearly noticed on the air cooled engines and gearboxes that run all day long.
    A friend commented that after 3 hours of continuous running the pump gearbox you could put your hands on and the exhausts were soot free. Aw10 is in every engine gearbox , pump and final drives and heat reduction and smooth operation is significantly noticeable.
    The clean power fuel conditioner is never missed in any fuel as we get longer running times from each tank and the added benefits of clean exhausts. We have never experienced a breakdown or equipment failure.
    We gain longer equipment life and reduced running costs from the use of CEM products for many many years .

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