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All but three are Aussie made. The Provent 200 is German made, and the bench mark for oil catch cans. The RMI-25 Cooling System is a stand-out American product.

Yes. The sooner they are used, the sooner they start protecting your vehicles, and the longer they’ll last and stay at peak performance and efficiency. Generally, start using the AW10 Antiwear after the first oil change in engines to allow some initial bed it to occur. For all other components, AW10 can be used from new.

Yes , check our website for the full distributor listing

Yes, Monday to Friday.

Yes for standard customers.
For commercial quantities a quote will be provided.


FTC Decarbonizer will effectively burn off carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces.  Perfect for deglazing engines,  maintaining Turbos, EGR’s, DPF’s, stopping smoke and restoring power.

Cleanpower is suitable for both Petrol and Diesel engines. Designed as a full fuel system cleaner, cleaning fuel lines, pumps and most importantly injectors.

Cleanpower fuel treatment

CRD Fuel Enhancer, cleans, lubricates and protects common rail diesel fuel systems.  Not only does it clean and restore failing injectors it also boosts diesel lubricity.

CRD Fuel Enhancer Cost Effective Maintenance

Cleanpower is suitable for all petrol and diesel applications. CRD Fuel Enhancer is developed from Cleanpower by fortifying with strong lubricity and corrosion control chemicals to suit the modern breed of diesel engines. It can be used in all diesels, but is not suitable for petrol engines.

Yes! They do different jobs, and it can be advantageous to use them together. Cleanpower and CRD Fuel Enhancer can be used with the FTC Decarbonizer (No need to use CRD and Cleanpower together).

Yes…FTC Decarbonizer is a genuine biocide and a lot safer to use compared to some other biocides.
It will kill diesel growths (bacteria, fungi, algae) quickly, and most importantly will little or no fuel filter plugging issues.

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kill diesel growth with FTC Decarbonizer

Both Cleanpower and CRD Fuel Enhancer reduce fuel oxidation and degradation, and resultant fuel system fouling. In addition FTC Decarbonizer can also be added to assist in burning aged petrol and diesel cleanly, as well as protecting against diesel bug.

FTC Decarbonizer Cost effective maintenanceCRD Fuel Enhancer Cost Effective Maintenance


No. They all mix easily and will not settle out.


Flushing Oil Concentrate is a detergent based oil system cleaner capable of dissolving and removing the most stubborn carbon and sludge that can be responsible for causing oil consumption, smoke, blow by, power loss and other problems. It is suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

Flushing oil concentrate remove engine sludge

Some other flushes use solvents to clean, and these could have the potential to adversely affect seals, O-rings and other elastomers.
Flushing Oil Concentrate is much safer! It uses a detergent type product as all engine oils do, however it targets heavier deposit molecules such as hard baked on carbon and heavy persistent sludge as well as easier deposits.

Flushing oil concentrate remove engine sludge

In most cases, Flushing Oil Concentrate reduces oil use markedly by providing a clean seal for piston rings against ring grooves and the cylinder walls.
Very few exceptions occur unless severe wear or damage exists. We do recommend care when flushing petrol engines from the 1980’s and earlier. They are more likely to burn oil if they have had a poor maintenance history.

Flushing oil concentrate remove engine sludge

The cleaner the oil the better the result. Some engines may have a very large accumulation of sludge to remove.

Flushing oil concentrate remove oil sludge

Yes. The sooner they are used, the sooner they start protecting your vehicles, and the longer they’ll last and stay at peak performance and efficiency. Generally, start using the AW10 Antiwear after the first oil change in engines to allow some initial bed it to occur.
The CRD Fuel Enhancer is perfect for New Vehicles


AW10 Antiwear is a powerful anti-friction, anti-wear treatment for engine, gear, differential and hydraulic oils. It also provides excellent anti-rust protection.

AW10 Antiwear

Yes, AW10 is suitable.
1% Ratio 10 mL per litre of transmission fluid.

AW10 Antiwear


RMI-25 is a concentrated additive designed to clean and protect your radiator while you drive . The RMI-25 dissolves rust and scale while lubricating the water pump.

RMI-25 Cooling system radiator flush

Yes. It passivates rubber resulting in longer hose life .

RMI-25 Cooling system radiator flush

No, the RMI-25 is a complete cooling system package. Most Australians do not need anti-freeze, but where it is required, add some glycol to the system as well.

RMI-25 Cooling system flush

RMI-25 strongly retards electrolysis and prevents corrosion and also provides lubrication for heater valves and water pump seals.

RMI-25 Cooling system flush

RMI-25 is highly concentrated and much cheaper than glycol types. Unlike glycol, it is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

RMI-25 Cooling System Treatment

RM-25 Cooling System Treatment

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