Solutions to Engine Problems

If you have an engine problem we most likely have a solution. Most engine problems can be addressed by using our products to keep your engines cleaner, running efficiently and lasting longer. For detailed information on some of the common issues below, please click the relevant “more information” link.

Smoke & Oil Consumption

FTC improves emissions, oil control and compression by removing cylinder glaze and top ring carbon. It removes carbon from combustion and exhaust spaces, letting the engine breathe better. It removes carbon from turbochargers, and therefore allows full turbo speed and air delivery. More Information

Chronic Overheating

If your oil gets dirty very quickly, the resulting sludge can reduce the flow of cooling oil under the pistons. Deposits under the piston skirts can also prevent heat dissipation. More Information

Power Loss & Poor Fuel Economy

Carboned up combustion and exhaust spaces (incl turbochargers) don’t let the engine breathe efficiently, cause poor fuel atomization, and reduced turbo boost. Power loss and poor fuel economy result. Rectify your engine problem by using   FTC Decarbonizer. More Information

Hard Starting & Filthy Oil

Some diesels tend to contaminate the oil quickly with combustion soot. Problems arise when the new oil discolours quickly as it picks up sludge from the last oil service period. More Information

Preventative Maintenance

Cost Effective Maintenance products can assist with the prevention of break downs due to preventative maintenance. Don’t wait until you have an engine problem before you take action.  More Information

Save on Repair Bills

Up to 60% of all engines fail to operate at conditions sufficient to prevent deposit formation. This means that full service life cannot be achieved. You may have a sludge, glaze or carbon problem. More Information


FTC Decarbonizer made a marked difference to increase power and fuel economy.
Maximizing performance and economy without any mechanical modification can be achieved by reducing frictional horsepower losses through engines, transmissions, differentials/final drives, etc. More Information