Cost Effective Solutions to engine problems

We’re called Cost Effective Maintenance because we’re dedicated to providing YOU with the most cost effective solutions to YOUR engine problems. With 32 years of experience, we pride ourselves in addressing the root cause of all problems, rather than offering “band-aid” fixes.

Our Aussie-made range of highly concentrated, high “treat rate” products are usually much cheaper to use than most off-the-shelf alternatives. And our customers invariably tell us how much better they perform!

We also deliver FREE AUSTRALIA WIDE! If you need advice, give Jimmy or Brid a call.

Here are just some common engine problems / mechanical problems we can help you with:


Learn how to fix the root cause of your problem…


Learn why replacing the injectors might only be a “bandaid” fix…


No one wants to see white smoke, when their vehicle starts. You know it’s not a good sign. Glazed bores, sticking rings or a crook injector, the list goes on! The great news is, we’ve got you covered. Use our FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, Cleanpower (or CRD Fuel Enhancer) respectively. These are proven to be highly effective at fixing the problem of white smoke on cold starts.


Black oil Sludge stuck to a finger, caused by dirty diesel oil built up inside engine. It’s a fact: Diesel engine sludge inhibits lubrication, and damages engines. For example, sludgy diesel engine oil regularly causes power loss, excessive oil use, poor oil pressure, smoke and overheating under load. Thankfully, we have an answer! Evan Yates used Flushing Oil Concentrate, with a fresh charge of clean oil, to thoroughly clean out his Toyota Landcruiser Troopy. An extra 2L of goo came out when he drained the sump. As Evan shows in the photo he sent us, the Flush pulled a lot of sludge into the clean oil.



New Toyota Hilux, running smoothly using CRD Fuel EnhancerInjector rattle or noisy injectors need to be taken seriously. It’s a precursor to expensive repair bills!
The  injector rattle can lead to diesel smoke, rough idle, dirty oil, poor fuel economy, and even melted pistons!
CRD Fuel Enhancer fixes over 90% of injector problems, but better still it’s a cheap insurance policy against expensive repairs, and contaminated diesel.

“Hey gents, just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I’ve just done 10,000 clicks on my Hilux and used your product from the start. No rattles at all!” Gasso



Nissan Patrol with a clean dipstick after using Flushing Oil Concentrate Black oil in diesel engines can lead to expensive problems. That black oil is abrasive and shortens engine life! It causes piston ring fouling, loss of performance and can really get out of hand. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Daniel Taylor (WA) owns one of the ever popular Nissan Patrol TD42 GU’s and his is immaculate, well maintained and looked after. Dan reported a bit more power after the Flushing Oil Concentrate was used, but was totally blown away by how clean his oil remained. Even 2000km on the fresh oil and you can see how clean the oil is on the dipstick from the photo he sent through to us.



Freightliner truck with a Series 60 Engine, no exhaust smoke or blowby Crankcase blow-by (or blowby) and/or oil use are worrying signs for truckies. However, that needn’t be the case. Crankcase blow-by typically means an expensive engine rebuild will be recommended by their mechanic or equipment supplier. The cost these days generally starts at $20,000 and can go up to $60,000. When you’re faced with a possible rebuild, you need to know that your money is well spent.

That’s where we can help you.

The good news is that over the past three decades, we’ve found that around 80% of trucks with blow-by still have wear within acceptable levels! We discovered that the real problem is usually that they are heavily fouled with carbon and sludge. This is the most common cause of piston ring sticking, blow-by and oil use.

If you’ve got blowby or oil use, it makes sense financially to start by restoring the engine to a clean condition. And it couldn’t be easier! Plus, the cost is low and there’s no downtime either. Simply use our Flushing Oil Concentrate with FTC Decarbonizer, and in 80% of cases, your engine will reduce blow-by and oil use. Most of our customers, who are able to monitor their fuel use, report significant fuel savings after using the product.


Maximum Power – Minimum Engine Wear

Roothy standing with Milo his 4WD has used AW10 Antiwear

AW10 Antiwear is formulated to deliver massive increases in lubricant load carrying ability, wear reduction and friction (and heat) reduction.

“This stuff is the greatest. It has to be the slipperiest thing this side of a banana peel on a boat ramp. Bugger me! Old Milo is shifting gears a lot sweeter since that injection of AW10 Antiwear. I felt the slicker change almost immediately. But the ultimate test was chucking a cap full in the two-stroke fuel in Mungo’s ancient 25HP Mercury outboard. The bloody thing ran smoother and rattled less almost straight away.” ROOTHY



Carbon free pistons from a Land Rover engine. FTC Decarbonizer was used Engine carbon accelerates wear. That’s not all. Engine carbon also lowers performance and hurts fuel economy, as well as potentially causing turbo failures, EGR problems and much more.

Thanks to FTC Decarbonizer you can relax. Bob sent this photo in of his old Discovery. You can see from the outside of this engine that she’s an old girl, and done a lot of work. Inside, however, was a surprise for the mechanic who lifted the head. It’s really clean! Bob’s been using FTC Decarbonizer. No hard carbon at all & good as gold! Lots more life in the old Disco yet!



Before and after photo of a Pajero engine after Flushing Oil Concentrate was used Sludge is now a major killer of petrol engines. Once mechanics see bad sludge build up, they usually tell their customers to sell it or rebuild the engine. The sludge can really bake on, and when it does, it is almost impossible to remove. We’re proud to say that we’ve made it possible to remove the damaging sludge. You’ll need our petrol engine Flushing Oil Concentrate and the instructions we provide. As you can see from the photo, the results can be fantastic. This flush was performed by MotorCare 4WD.



At Cost Effective Maintenance, we’re proud. Proud to have been solving Australia’s engine and machine problems for over 30 years. And proud to have been providing you (our valued customer) with the most cost effective solutions to your maintenance problems.

Our range of products can be used to solve your engine problems in two ways:

1. Corrective Maintenance.

Properly solving an existing problem with an engine, transmission or other component at low cost, easily and with no or minimum downtime.

Does your vehicle identify with anything on our Problem Solver Checklist? (Have a quick look below to see if there’s anything you need to do.)

It doesn’t matter if you have –

Whatever your problem is, we’ve fixed plenty of them already! But just as important, we prevent these problems recurring.

2. Advanced Preventative Maintenance.

This can save you a massive amount of money, stress and frustration. Advanced preventative maintenance takes the normal recommended maintenance and log book type service regime, and cranks it up to the next level. It’s about using superior industrial grade fuel and oil chemicals, which give you operating benefits, greater performance and significant efficiency improvements too. One major benefit, particularly for farming and commercial fleet operators, is the substantial increase in engine, transmission and other component life. The savings here can be huge. Advanced Preventative Maintenance is very popular with our trade customers, who build a loyal following by achieving a superior result for their customers.

We successfully help our valued customers to keep their old machinery working for longer, with better reliability. We also keep new vehicles always performing like new, based on those 2 smart principles.

Some of our successes include:

  1. Pioneered the fix for diesel engine oil going black as soon as it’s changed.
  2. Provided a safe means of deglazing diesel or petrol engines.
  3. Lowered horrific levels of diesel smoke from PNG’s high altitude Porgera gold mine.
  4. Pioneered procedures that have saved literally thousands of engines from mechanic recommended rebuilds.
  5. Eliminated valve failures in Cummins 1710 & Caterpillar D348 engines at BHP & Rio Tinto mines
  6. Pioneered a low cost fix for common rail diesel engine problems
  7. Operators of Caterpillar D11R dozers were getting 8000-10,000hrs engine life, with many failures as early as 3000-4000hrs. This was against a Caterpillar recommended 12,000hr overhaul. Caterpillar couldn’t come up with a fix, yet we successfully brought a fleet of 10 x D11R’s at a BHP mine to 18,000hrs service life…a clear 50% above Caterpillar target!
  8. Keeping older vehicles and machinery in commercially productive service for much longer.
  9. Reducing operating temperatures, stress and wear rates in gearboxes (both manual and automatic), diffs, final drives, hydraulics.
  10. Increased coal production efficiency by 5.1% at a Rio Tinto mine.

YOUR Problem Solver Checklist:

Mechanical/ Engine Problem
Example or Reason CEM’s Solution
Common Rail Diesel injector problems, blamed on “bad fuel”


Hilux, Landcruiser, Prado, Navara, VW’s, Colorado’s, Hino’s, Isuzu’s, you name it…ALL CRD diesels CRD Fuel Enhancer
Carbon Fouling of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve & Inlet Manifold
V8 Landcruiser diesels, Pajero DID’s, Tritons…ALL CRD diesels. Due to excess exhaust soot and crankcase fumes. FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer
Sludge & filthy oil
Series 60 Detroits, old Landcruisers, Hiluxes, Patrols, etc are real problems, but also most any diesel by 100,000kms use will have sludge. Flushing Oil Concentrate
Diesel Smoke
Refer: “Diesel smoke tells YOU a story! FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer
Overheating engine
4.2 Patrol diesels, 2.8L Hiluxes, and many older pre-combustion type diesels. Modern petrol engines now run a lot hotter, and are also prone to bad sludging (Camry V6, VW, Commodores, BMW, Hyundai, etc). Flushing Oil Concentrate
Power Loss
Dirty oil, coked up combustion chamber, carbon weighted turbo, fouled emission equipment, carbon build up in catalytic convertors, diesel particulate filters and mufflers are a few reasons FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower)
Series 60 Detroits, Cummins Signature & ISX engines, Cats on light work, 4×4’s older gummy engines. Plus anything getting a few kms up are usually a bit fouled around the rings, before they get bad wear. FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate
Cold Start Problems
Compression drop from sticky rings, poor fuel atomization, deposits, mechanical reasons, etc


FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate, CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower)
Poor gear shifting
Manual transmissions in Cars, 4x4s, trucks AW10 Antiwear
Dirty fuel pump and injectors
Common rail diesels & modern petrols particularly susceptible as well as older types CRD Fuel Enhancer (or Cleanpower)
Coked up engine & exhaust
Prolonged light work, idling or poorly maintained engines FTC Decarbonizer, Flushing Oil Concentrate
Sticking piston rings
Older or poorly maintained diesel & Petrol engines Flushing Oil Concentrate
Manual or Auto Gearbox running hot
Mitsubishi Pajero automatics. Truck gearboxes and diffs. Dozer final drives AW10 Antiwear

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