Diesel Performance Pack

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  • Designed to optimize power and economy
  • Minimizing friction and wear in diesel engines, transmissions
  • Complete fuel system cleaner
  • Cleans & improves turbo and DPF efficiency
  • Reduces emissions 


Diesel Performance Pack

Designed to optimize power and economy while minimizing wear and internal stresses to diesel engines, transmissions (auto & manual), diffs, final drives, hydraulic systems and power steering. Maintains and improves cleanliness of fuel systems, combustion chambers, turbochargers and exhaust systems (including catalytic convertors, diesel particulate filters, EGR’s, etc).

3 sizes available (for diesel engines in good condition):

Small Pack
1L AW10 Antiwear
1L FTC Decarbonizer
250ml CRD Fuel Enhancer
1 FTC Ezypor Dispenser 

Large Pack
5L AW10 Antiwear
5L FTC Decarbonizer
1L CRD Fuel Enhancer

Bulk Pack
20L AW10 Antiwear
20L FTC Decarbonizer
5L CRD Fuel Enhancer

For older diesel engines in sound condition, the Flushing Oil Concentrate should also be used.



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