Premium Diesel Treatment

From $1,099.00 incl. GST

An affordable solution for large and bulk diesel users. 

Premium Diesel Treatment is a fully inclusive diesel fuel treatment

  • Injector and fuel system cleaner 
  • Turbo and DPF Cleaner 
  • Engine Decarbonizer
  • Fuel Bug Biocide 
  • Water dispersant & anti-corrosive 
  • Long term fuel storage stabilizer 

This highly concentrated fuel conditioner will treat you diesel for less than 3 cents per liter. 

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CEM’s Premium Diesel Treatment

Formulated to give large and bulk diesel fuel users a cost effective way to treat diesel with industry leading fuel treatments.

Premium Diesel Treatment is a blend of our widely used products FTC Decarbonizer and CRD Fuel Enhancer. 

Since 1984  we have been servicing large scale mining operations. During this time it was established that an all inclusive fuel treatment was required to start reducing running costs on  these larger fleets. Replacing  parts and equipment down time is a huge expense and can be avoided when using Premium Diesel Treatment. 

This bulk diesel fuel treatment not only cleans but successfully maintains engines and emission control equipment. Keeping stored diesel algae free and stopping fuel oxidation. This  concentrated formula is a high treat rate – low cost way to protect your fleet and reduce costs !

Treat your bulk fuel for under 3 cents per liter.

1 review for Premium Diesel Treatment

  1. 5 out of 5


    This new product from CEM is next level compared to the one’s I’ve normally used. Fuel saving is amazing and the delivery of torque and power is awesome. It gives you an extra gear to play with and the drive is so smooth and quiet for a diesel. Gave some to a workmate for her 1.3ltr Holden because her car was rattling so bad just to see what she thinks and already is asking where she could purchase some for herself!

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Bulk Fuel Treatment can be added directly to bulk fuel fuel tanks when refueling 

Metered doseing tanks can also be installed for larger sites.

5  Litres treats  22 500 Litres of diesel 

20 Litres treats 90 000 Litres of diesel 


1 : 4500  


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