FPC is specifically formulated in three (3) variant treatment ratios to meet the needs of both large and small fuel consumers with grades being:

FPC       1:1600   (1 L treats 1600 litres of fuel)
FPC-1    1:5,000  (1 L treats 5,000 litres of fuel)
FPC-2    1:10,000 (1 L treats 10,000 litres of fuel)







FPC, FPC-1, FPC-2 grades supplied in 200L and 1000L containers for large fuel consumers

 FPC Dosing Systems

For small FPC users, equipment or storage tanks can simply be manually treated or dosed via a basic solar dosing unit. For larger users, Cost Effective Maintenance can design and install an automated dosing system which will accurately dose fuel either at time of fuel tanker offloading or individual equipment re-fueling. Once installed, Cost Effective Maintenance provide ongoing support with tank replenishment and system calibration/maintenance at no extra cost.







Automated Dosing System