Hybrid Fuel Additive

Hybrid Vehicle additive.
“Ensure your hybrid runs as efficiently as possible”

  • Optomise fuel delivery.
  • Avoid costly repairs.
  • Prevent petrol oxidation.

$39.95 incl. GST

$39.95 incl. GST


Hybrid Fuel Additive will ensure your hybrid vehicle runs as efficiently as possible. 

Hybrid vehicles have many working parts just like a standard vehicle and it is important to make sure 

Petrol, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, and Exhaust Systems are as efficient as possible. 


          • Prevents aged petrol from degradeing.
          • Clean and maintain the fuel delivery system.
          • Maximise vehicle economy.
          • Will not void new car warranty.

Even though  Hybrid vehicles are extreamly efficent, they  still require regular servicing and mainteanance.

Keeping the fuel and exhaust system clean will greatly reduce vehicle running costs.


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Hybrid Fuel Additive 

Is  added  directly to the petrol  tank when refueling . 

add 20 ml for each 50 Ltr of Petrol    


( insert Image  of fuel being added )  Suitable for all petrol types 91, 95, 98

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