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    CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

    THE most effective fuel system cleaner for common rail diesels

    Diesel injector cleaner
    Save on expensive injector & pump costs
    Eliminates or minimizes injector rattle
    Protection against contaminated diesel
    Boosts diesel lubricity
    Anti-corrosion protection for…

    From $59.00

    or 4 payments from $14.75 with Afterpay

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    Flushing Oil Concentrate

    Designed to restore pristine cleanliness to the dirtiest of engines (diesel and petrol), Flushing Oil Concentrate
    has saved many thousands of diesels from expensive rebuilds.

    Removes engine sludge & hard carbon

    From $105.00

    or 4 payments from $26.25 with Afterpay

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    AW10 Antiwear

    AW10 Antiwear is formulated to deliver massive increases in lubricant load carrying ability, wear reduction and friction/heat reduction. Suitable in all engines, transmission diffs and hydraulics

    Boosts oil strength
    Reduces wear…

    From $102.00

    or 4 payments from $25.50 with Afterpay

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    FTC Special Offer

    For a limited time we are able to offer a Free Cleanpower (250ml) with every purchase of the 2 Litre FTC Decarbonizer.  That’s a saving of $88!
    Free delivery

    $229.00 incl….

    $229.00 incl. GST

    or 4 payments of $57.25 with Afterpay