Provent catch can kit for Toyota Prado 150 PV639DPK

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Directions Plus Toyota Prado Catch Can Kit 

PV639DPK is designed to suit Toyota Prado 150 and 155 series 2015 -2021

Provent catch can kit includes
Provent 200 Catch Can (Genuine Mann and Hummel)
Provent 200 fitting kit.
Stainless Steel Bracket
Easy to follow instructions
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$399.00 incl. GST


Direction-Plus™ ProVent® oil separator kit PV639DPK is designed to suit Toyota Prado 150 and 155 series models and to protect its diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system.


Direction-Plus™ ProVent® system separates and redirects oil and air from blow-by gas produced from within the crankcase, which also provides the option of returning the oil back to the sump. By not fitting a Direction-Plus™ ProVent® system in your vehicle it is likely that your engine will experience a progressive reduction in performance.

Make Model Engine Year  Part No.
Ford Everest P5AT 2015 -2018 PV661DPK

Ford Ranger P4AT 2011- 2021 PV661DPK

Ford Ranger P5AT 2011-2018 PV661DPK


Colorado 7 / Trailblazer

LWH 2012-2020 PV602DPK
Isuzu D-MAX 4JJ1 2012-2019 PV644DPK
Isuzu MU-X 4JJ1 2013-2020 PV644DPK
Mazda BT-50/ Ranger/ Everest  P4AT 2011-2020 PV661DPK

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4D15 2015-2018 PV629DPK
Mitsubishi Triton 4N15 2015-2018 PV629DPK
Nissan Navara D40 YD25i 2005-2015 PV618DPK
Nissan Navara NP300 YS23 2015-2021 PV630DPK
Nissan Patrol ZD30 2006-2018 PV626DPK
Toyota Fortuner 1GD 2016-2018 PV201DPK
Toyota Hilux 1GD 2016-2021 PV662DPK
Toyota Hilux 2GD 2018-2021 PV662DPK
Toyota 200 Series 1VD 2007-2021 PV614DPK
Toyota 70 Series 1VDV 2007-2021 PV615DPK
Toyota 70 Series 1VD 2012-2021 PV625DPK
Toyota Prado 120 1KZ 2003-2007 PV620DPK
Toyota Prado 150 1KD 2009-2015 PV631DPK
Toyota Prado 150-155 1GD 2015-2021 PV639DPK
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