Provent catch can kit for Holden Colorado PV602DPK

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Directions Plus Colorado Catch Can Kit 

PV602DPK suits Holden Colorado / Colorado 7 models
Colorado / Trailblazer 2012-2020

Provent catch can kit includes
Provent 200 Catch Can (Genuine Mann and Hummel)
Provent 200 fitting kit.
Stainless Steel Bracket
Easy to follow instructions
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 $409.00 incl. GST


$409.00 incl. GST


Direction-Plus™ ProVent® oil separator kit PV602DPK suits Holden Colorado / Colorado 7 models. The ProVent® oil separator kit PV602DPK protects the diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system.



Direction-Plus™ ProVent® system separates and redirects oil and air from blow-by gas produced from within the crankcase, which also provides the option of returning the oil back to the sump. By not fitting a Direction-Plus™ ProVent® system in your vehicle it is likely that your engine will experience a progressive reduction in performance.

Make Model Engine Year  Part No.
Ford Everest P5AT 2015 -2018 PV661DPK

Ford Ranger P4AT 2011- 2021 PV661DPK

Ford Ranger P5AT 2011-2018 PV661DPK


Colorado 7 / Trailblazer

LWH 2012-2020 PV602DPK
Isuzu D-MAX 4JJ1 2012-2019 PV644DPK
Isuzu MU-X 4JJ1 2013-2020 PV644DPK
Mazda BT-50/ Ranger/ Everest  P4AT 2011-2020 PV661DPK

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4D15 2015-2018 PV629DPK
Mitsubishi Triton 4N15 2015-2018 PV629DPK
Nissan Navara D40 YD25i 2005-2015 PV618DPK
Nissan Navara NP300 YS23 2015-2021 PV630DPK
Nissan Patrol ZD30 2006-2018 PV626DPK
Toyota Fortuner 1GD 2016-2018 PV201DPK
Toyota Hilux 1GD 2016-2021 PV662DPK
Toyota Hilux 2GD 2018-2021 PV662DPK
Toyota 200 Series 1VD 2007-2021 PV614DPK
Toyota 70 Series 1VDV 2007-2021 PV615DPK
Toyota 70 Series 1VD 2012-2021 PV625DPK
Toyota Prado 120 1KZ 2003-2007 PV620DPK
Toyota Prado 150 1KD 2009-2015 PV631DPK
Toyota Prado 150-155 1GD 2015-2021 PV639DPK
Generic Fits All Fits All  Fits all   PV201DPK