Provent Catch Can Kits

Provent catch can kit includes
Provent 200 Catch Can (Genuine Mann and Hummle)
Provent 200 fitting kit.
Stainless Steel Bracket
All Hoses and Reducers
All Nuts and Clamps
East to follow instructions
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 $399.00 incl. GST


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Directions Plus – Provent catch can kits add another layer of protection to your 4WD.

These Direction Plus Installation kits have every thing you need to successfully install a catch can.

This generic fitting kit has been designed to suits most models.

To successfully fit this catch can kit:

Engine bay must have NO modifications.

If a secondary fuel or battery as been fitted please contact us to arrange a modified pack.

Before your order is sent CEM will contact you to ensure it is the correct fitting kit.

 Provent Catch Can Kits