Independent Case Studies

Below are Case Histories (reported to us by our customers) about each of our products so you can see how our products have helped people with their maintenance issues.

cleans DPF filters, cleans turbos, deglazes engines

This tractor was spitting oil out the exhaust big time. Trevor reckoned he looked like a Dalmation after an hour’s tractor work. After advice from CEM, Trevor bought some FTC Decarbonizer and treated the diesel. He ran it for ½ hr for 4 nights to get a bit through the system, and then did an hour’s slashing on the Saturday. The oil coming out the exhaust had almost stopped. The then cleaned the oil off himself, and the tractor, as usual. Back on the tractor and no more oil spitting. Goodbye Dalmation look! The exhaust pipe was getting drier and drier as she worked.
Read full story here .....

Trevor Schulz, Bundaberg

FTC Decarbonizer cleans up Mitsubishi Triton

After using the FTC Decarbonizer, John says, “The power improvement is unbelievable! Turbo lag has now disappeared. There is less smoke, and it’s idling much smoother!” At this stage John has used only 1/3 litre of FTC. The engine has now been flushed with Flushing Oil Concentrate twice, and John reports, “It’s really removed a lot of sludge. The valve gear, as viewed from the oil filler point, is now clean!”
FTC Decarbonizer

John Orth, Ormeau, QLD

cleans DPF filters, cleans turbos, deglazes engines

You’ll laugh, Jimmy…Last Thursday I picked up the Mercedes 300D I bought online and took some of your magic FTC Decarbonizer and Cleanpower fuel conditioner with me, having been told that the engine was a bit smokey and lacked power. I stopped to top up with fuel and put 40ml of FTC and 20ml Cleanpower in the tank, then headed across town for the Hume Highway back to Collector (near Canberra). Well, a bit of god there were plumes of blue smoke so thick that people avoided driving behind. The M5 Tunnel really was quite a peak hour treat for those stuck behind. I thought I had an engine change ahead of me it was so bad. I wish I had take photographs. By the time I had driven 100km to Pheasants Nest for a coffee stop, the smoke was all but gone. Another 180 km and it didn’t blow any smoke at all. I topped it up with vege oil when I arrived home and it runs a sweet as sweet. No smoke and a pleasure to drive. The CEM treatment added $3000 to the value of the car!


Shane Mortimer

cleans DPF filters, cleans turbos, deglazes engines

Bob has been using the FTC Decarbonizer  in his old Land Rover Discovery for several years  now.

Here is a photo with the head off. His mechanic was  amazed at how clean the pistons were .



Bob,  NQ

cleans DPF filters, cleans turbos, deglazes engines

I purchased the FTC Decarbonizer  to save on an expensive repair to get my Ford Territory’s power back. After using FTC Decarbonizer at recommend doses in just two weeks I felt the cars power return, fuel economy fell from 8.97 and exhaust black smoke nearly gone. This is from a diesel that has only just gone past the 100,000 kms. So if this is the indication of success in your products count me in . You saved me hundreds of dollars I didn’t want to part with. Keep up the good work.]

FTC Decarbonizer

Russell Whiffin Jimboomba Qld

FTC Decarbonizer

The FTC Decarbonizer worked like magic. I had travelled about 1000Km’s in my Nissan Patrol when the effect became obvious, since I only do short trips. The smoking of the engine has disappeared and it purrs like a kitten.

FTC Decarbonizer

George Csepregi Innes Park Qld.

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to


So after having my 2.8 RD engine rebuilt in my 1995 Nissan Patrol, much to my horror I had Blowby. This was due to me using an oil that was too good hence the rings did not bed in correctly. I used your FTC Decarbonizer and used twice the recommended dose and also towed a nice heavy load for approx 200kms. I am happy to report my Blowby issues are virtually non existent. To me the FTC Decarbonizer was a get put of jail free card saving me on a costly engine teardown for a rehone. I would recommend your products to anyone. Reason being they actually work.
FTC Decarbonizer

Paul Mays. Wagin WA

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Hi. Just sending through my results using the FTC Decarbonizer. It was recommended to me by my uncle for my TD Toyota Hilux due to lack of performance and poor economy. This was also after we had a look inside the throttle intake and saw that the EGR had a decent amount of build up. It’s been about a month of using the product and the car feel very different to drive. It’s smooth, it’s got more torque and doesn’t sound like its struggling when the car is revved out. I’m really happy with the difference and I’m glad to have finally found a product that works.

FTC Decarbonizer


Just thought I should let you know how chuffed I was with the FTC Decarbonizer I purchased! Not only was the product a fantastic success but your professional advice & service could not be faulted. The item arrived in record time so I could begin the process of deglazing & decoking my diesel boat very quickly! Within a few fishing trips the white smoke disappeared & power was restored.
FTC Decarbonizer

Rod North QLD

In the early 1990’s, Bill Flannery used the FTC Decarbonizer on this engine. As he put it, he used to top up the oil each time he used it, and check the fuel. After he ran the FTC it stopped using oil, and some 20 years later, it still doesn’t use oil and hasn’t needed overhauling. Needless to say, Bill has used FTC Decarbonizer in every engine he has. He says that all his 2 stroke chain saws, mowers, etc just go so well on FTC.

Bill Flannery

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Mechanic and owner of well known company, 4M Maintenance Systems, Michael Corbin, reported that at 300,000kms, his HiAce engine lost “approximately 50% of its power, started smoking badly, used oil, was missing on one cylinder and pinging.” The cause was found to be a collapsed exhaust pipe flexible link, which had caused gross carboning up internally.

By all indications it would need rebuilding. But as a last resort, Michael tried FTC Decarbonizer in the fuel, and with just 1 weeks running, the engine was operating perfectly again…full power, no pinging, missing, smoke or oil burning! Michael always used a fuel additive, but this was not able to remove the built up carbon. Only FTC Decarbonizer was able to provide the solution, and as a mechanic, Michael is both amazed and delighted!
FTC Decarbonizer

Michael Corbin

David has a 2 ½ year old Mitsubishi Triton ute & has driven Mackay to Childers for the last 3 years. He just makes it on one tank of fuel with a little in reserve. On the first tank with FTC, he arrived with ¼ tank of fuel left…by far the best economy in the Triton’s life.
FTC Decarbonizer

David Trevor

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Rio Tinto Tarong Coal mine

Twelve months data using FTC Decarbonizer confirmed a fuel saving of about 9%! The power and performance of the truck and loading fleet increased, and this resulted in increased mine production. For a mine owner operator,  more coal in the stockpile, is more dollars in the bank…That makes the large diesel cost reduction look like chicken feed. Rio sold Tarong Coal recently, and FTC was discontinued, as the new operator has a “zero additives policy”. Costly mistake fellas!

Rio Tinto Tarong Coal mine

This Rio Tinto fleet of coal haulers would drop exhaust valves at intervals of 3000-4000 hours, causing extensive damage, and considerable downtime costs. The cause was excessive carbon fouling on the valve stems and head, which caused fatigue as it rubbed in the guides, and then failure. FTC Decarbonizer was introduced to eliminate all hard carbon build up from combustion and exhaust spaces, and the problem then ceased.
FTC Decarbonizer

Rio Tinto

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Caterpillar D10 dozer was left idling for 3 days, at PNG’s Ok Tedi Copper & Gold mine, after the operator became sick. This would be almost guaranteed to glaze up any engine, however this mining fleet was using the FTC Decarbonizer, and there were no adverse effects at all!

PNG’s Ok Tedi Copper & Gold mine

Tractor uses CEM products

I have been using CEM products for approx 4 years(could be longer) on my tractors. Great products, easy to get, easy to use, value for money, and work great. The name of the company say's it all, their products make maintenance cost effective.

Kevin Jensen

Clean oil on engine dipstick after using Flushing Oil Concentrate

After having my intake cleaned I was advised to use FTC Decarbonizer in my fuel going forward to ensure a much cleaner burn. I was sceptical on the additive part, but have found it amazing. Attached is a pic from my dipstick... at 2,000km post oil change. Given in the past my oil went black after 100km from carbon particles I must concede there seems to be massive reduction in unburnt carbon.

200 Series Landcruiser

Ben Squire

Clean Throttle Body due to using FTC Decarbonizer

I have been using CEM products since 2014. Here is the throttle body of my Px Ranger after using FTC Decarbonizer, clean as, working in a truck service shop and mechanics couldn't get over how clean it was.

Gary Scrivens

Luxury Boat blowing no smoke after using FTC Decarbonizer

I had a problem with my starboard engine(cat 3116)blowing smoke. I ran the FTC Decarbonizer through three tanks of fuel and it seems to have fixed the problem. Would recommend it to anyone great product.

Phillip Mungoven

75 series Landcruiser

I have been using CEM products in my 75 series Landcruiser for 10yrs. The Cruiser now has 466 000 kms and still has plenty of power. I have used every product they have and have noticed an improvement using each one.

Rodney Roughan

Roothy , AW10 Antiwear is the greatest

Australian 4WD Monthly magazine

Roothy had this to sayabout Aw10 Antiwear : “This stuff is the greatest. It has to be the slipperiest thing this side of a banana peel on a boat ramp. Bugger me! Old Milo (Landcruiser Troopcarrier) is shifting gears a lot sweeter since that injection of AW 10. I felt the slicker change almost immediately. But the ultimate test was chucking a capful in the two-stroke fuel in Mungo’s ancient 25HP Mercury outboard. The bloody thing ran smoother and rattled less almost straight away.
AW10 Antiwear

Roothy, Australian 4WD Monthly magazine

We  uses AW10 throughout his fleet, in all components (eg hydraulics, engines, transmissions, final drives, etc). Craig reports much cooler hydraulic temperatures in hard work applications eg Komatsu dozer during stick raking work. Before AW10 it the hydraulics were too hot to put your hand on. When using AW10, it’s relative cool to touch. He had a scraper with a hydraulic pump chattering, and found that AW10 quietened it down considerably. He’s found it useful in A Komatsu PC300 excavator, and grader hydraulics.

AW10 Antiwear

Craig Schulz

reduce gearbox heat, noisy gearbox, reduce engine wear

Caterpillar Grader

was running low oil pressure in the transmission. AW10 restored full oil pressure, by providing a massive boost to the oil’s load carrying ability. This reduced the frictional heat generated, so the oil didn’t thin out as much. Normal oil pressure was restored, and wear rates reduced.
AW10 Antiwear

Just a note to let you know that my ’85 diesel Toyota Landcruiser with 434,000 on the clock has a new lease on life after FOC treatment + AW10 added to engine, both diffs, transfer and gearbox + cleanpower in the fuel. Heaps more power, more low down torque, more RPM, less fuel, heaps less noise, no more smoke and very smooth gear changes – Great stuff, will be highly recommending to family and friends.
PS – added AW10 to mower and 2 stroke Stihl snipper – what a difference 🙂

Roger Debels

reduce gearbox heat, noisy gearbox, reduce engine wear

Troopy is fitted with an aftermarket turbo. Power was evaluated on his regular test hill. Starting at 1400 RPM at the base, applying full power the Troopy would make 1600 RPM at the top. With AW10 in the engine, an average 1850 RPM was achieved at the top.
AW10 Antiwear

R. Leighton

I felt compelled to write to you to thank you for your excellent products. I did the F.O.C. Treatment on the engine as well as adding AW 10 to the engine oil and also to the gearbox oil. My gearbox was a bit notchy at times to get into gear and the main shaft bearings would growl a bit. The noise is gone and the gears are now so slick to come in, it is almost like shifting gears in a Road Ranger box. About the engine, although it was in fairly good nick, the rattles are gone, so much so that I can now hear the fan blowing air through the radiator. The way I see it I’ve given my driveline a much longer lease of life by using your products on it. Only one complaint though…I have trouble finding my oil level on the dipstick now, since the oil line on it became clear, not black like before straight after changing the oil. You have cured another skeptic as well as improving my car out of sight. Thank you.
AW10 Antiwear

Frank Vera

G’day Brid. Whilst towing my 1500kg caravan I noticed that under load the transmission tunnel was becoming extremely hot.
At 45,000km, I added a dose of AW10 at the rate of 1% to the auto transmission. Problem solved. I have now been using AW10 in my auto transmission for 45000km with no problems whatsoever. No more excessive heat and changes appear to be smoother. It had all it`s oils and fluids changed again at the 90,000 km service, and AW10 was again added to  the AUTO TRANSMISSION. AW10 has been used in the diffs,transfer case, engine and power steering since new.
AW10 Antiwear

John Tasker

reduce gearbox heat, noisy gearbox, reduce engine wear

Craig Schulz uses AW10 throughout his fleet, in all components (eg hydraulics, engines, transmissions, final drives, etc). Craig reports much cooler hydraulic temperatures in hard work applications eg Komatsu dozer during stick raking work. Before AW10 it the hydraulics were too hot to put your hand on. When using AW10, it’s relative cool to touch. He had a scraper with a hydraulic pump chattering, and found that AW10 quietened it down considerably. He’s found it useful in A Komatsu PC300 excavator, and grader hydraulics
AW10 Antiwear

Schulz Earthmoving

reduce gearbox heat, noisy gearbox, reduce engine wear

Ford Ranger 6 speed manual

Typical of Ford Rangers this one had a very clunky gear change & owner, Gary Scrivens also had a whine in top gear, and a noise in 3rd gear under load. The Ford dealer advised him that this was normal for the vehicle.

Gary used Molybond in the gearbox, and it was a little quieter. Then he decided to use AW10 Antiwear in the gearbox and transfer case, so changed both oils. The gearbox was way quieter straight away, changed smoothly and the top gear whine had gone. A little noise still from 3rd, but much reduced.

Most interestingly, his fuel economy improved by 0.5L/100km!!! Just by using AW10 in the transmission. He noticed that when backing off to approach a red light, he actually has to brake more since there is less drag through the drive train. Drivetrain friction does consume fuel, but this was more than expected.
AW10 Antiwear


Drift racing car using AW10 Antiwear

The  drifter uses AW10 in the engine , power steering  and gear box to reduce the heat and therefore the wear and tear.Ron Lange (from MotorCare 4WD) is a fastidious mechanic who specializes in Mitsubishis. This is the drift car he built. Ron was keen to reduce operating temperature through his engine and drivetrain, as this would mean less wear and internal stresses. AW10 Antiwear proved itself, and he also attributes it to cutting 1 second from his lap time.
AW10 Antiwear

Ron, Motocare 4WD.

AW10 Antiwear reduces heat in 18 Speed Road Ranger

Gary’s 18sp Road Ranger was running hot…up to 120C on hot day working hard. He bought AW10 Antiwear last week and reported in the current heat wave, it was sitting on 80C most of the time and up to 85C once briefly. Glad we could help.
AW10 Antiwear

Gary Qld

AW10 Antiwear smoother running in the Toyota Prado

I used the Flushing Oil Concentrate & was pleased with the result. That AW10 Antiwear is pretty impressive noticed the Prado was quieter & smoother almost immediately. I’ve just had a major service done on the Prado for a 2 month trip to the Kimberly’s in 3 weeks. The Prado has 160,000km on the clock.
AW10 Antiwear

George Mesk

Fuel system cleaner, cleans diesel injectors, cleans petrol injectors

2005 Rodeo diesel with 260,000kms. Owner described his Rodeo as a pig of a thing to start. It idled rough and fuel use was 13-14L/100km, struggling to achieve 400km from a tank of fuel. Then he started using Cleanpower Fuel Treatment… It starts straight away now, idles smoothly and is a pleasure to drive! Fuel consumption is now 9-10L/100km, and he gets well over 500km per tankful. He’ll be keeping the Rodeo now, since it goes so well.
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Mark Stone (Bordertown, SA)

Just a testimonial to say how pleased I am with the Cleanpower ; it has absolutely transformed my car!

I use a 1996 Land Rover, Discovery 1 V8 as my everyday car, which I purchased with 82 000 km on the clock and has now done 240 00 km. It has never idled smoothly in the whole time I have owned it and in  some cases it has stalled when not hunting up and down. I tried a new idle air control valve, which helped a little but after only half a tank of petrol with your additive in it, the idling woes have gone! In fact I thought the performance improved after only a couple of hours but I put that down to my imagination. Now; two weeks later, the engine has just got better and better; there is no longer an awful lag in acceleration when moving off from a cold start. Instead there is a crisp smoothness; even the popping in the exhaust during overrun has gone and the engine even sounds quieter. Standing outside the car listening to the change in the exhaust note is simply a joy, not to mention the super smooth engine up the front!

I will be buying more of your products if they prove to be as good as this one. Please feel free to use this testimonial on your webpage, which seems to be full of happy diesel owners,
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Charlie Myres

Isuzu 3.9L diesel

The engine sat in a wreckers yard for a long time before it was fitted to a Range Rover. “When idled, it was so rough, it felt like it would shake the vehicle to bits. The wing mirrors shook so badly, that you couldn’t see anything with them at idle. After a 10 minute drive with Cleanpower, the roughness was gone. What a delightful transformation!”
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel system cleaner, cleans diesel injectors, cleans petrol injectors

This truck does daily linehaul work between Rockhampton and Clerment. Fuel consumption improved from 270L to 240L per day. After 500,000km, the cylinder heads were removed. The condition internally was described as immaculate! Fuel filter service intervals were doubled on Cleanpower. For every 20L of Cleanpower used, the owner reports savings of $1400. This was a few years ago, so the savings would be much greater at today’s fuel prices.
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

The injectors had been replaced on the Toyota Landcruiser Ute, but the engine still smoked. On the first treatment with Cleanpower, the smoke reduced strongly, and the engine was more responsive with smoother idling. Fuel consumption on the regular Melbourne to Canberra run decreased from 12.4 to 11.6L/100km.
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

After trying many other fuel additives, and replacing the injectors, it was still blowing black smoke. But after two treatments of Cleanpower, it was significantly reduced, with very smooth idle and much easier starting (hot and cold).
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

My local Nissan dealer told me the injectors may need overhauling (@ $650). I tried Cleanpower. It was amazing! A hill where I would normally drop back to 3rd gear, I now get up in 5th. Fuel economy is better. It starts better, and puts out less smoke!
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel system cleaner, cleans diesel injectors, cleans petrol injectors

This truck does daily linehaul work between Rockhampton and Clerment. Fuel consumption improved from 270L to 240L per day. After 500,000km, the cylinder heads were removed. The condition internally was described as immaculate! Fuel filter service intervals were doubled on Cleanpower. For every 20L of Cleanpower used, the owner reports savings of $1400. This was a few years ago, so the savings would be much greater at today’s fuel prices.
Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Cleanpower Mitsubishi Truck

2003 Holden rodeo, Cleanpower, Fuel economy

I use both Cleanpower &  Flushing Oil Concentrate in my 2003 Holden Rodeo (Isuzu) 3.2 V6, which has 250,000 kms on the clock.

The engine used to "hunt" on idle until I began the Cleanpower fuel treatment with every refill which not only stopped the irregular and uneven running, but substantially increased the kms per litre by approximately 10%.  This model Rodeo is renowned for poor economy, so it is a real bonus to save on fuel costs.

Brian Sayers

Holden Rodeo With CEM products sitting on the engine

I use both Cleanpower and Flushing Oil Concentrate in my 2003 Holden Rodeo 3.2Ltr V6, which has 250,000 kilometres on the clock. The engine used to "hunt" on idle until I began using the Cleanpower fuel treatment with every refill which not only stopped the irregular and uneven running, but substantially increased the kilometres per litre by approximately 10%. This model Rodeo is renowned for poor economy, so it is a real bonus to save on fuel costs.

Brian Sayers

Toyota hilux, engine flush, flushing oil concentrate

Did the Flushing Oil Concentrate from Cost Effective Maintainance on the Hilux this arvo. The oil in the picture was brand new an hour before the pics.
Shows how much sludge build up was in the engine at only 80,000km.
There is nil engine rattle and runs smooth.
Amazing product!

Michael Cowling

Toyota results after using Flushing Oil Concentrate

Check out this incredible Flushing Oil Concentrate BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS,  Stephan’s Toyota 1HZ had 290,000 on the clock and the oil was badly gunked up and black as all hell. After draining his existing oil and performing a flush using our Flushing Oil Concentrate and a batch of cheap oil. After 3 days of running, he couldn’t read the oil on the dipstick it was so clear! Amazing results mate, we’re bloody stoked for you!

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Stephan Martineau

remove engine sludge, fix engine blowby, restore compression, how to

Since the engine oil flush and oil change I have clocked up to just under 2000Km’s. My engine has  slightly higher performance at 120HP at the wheels; and as you can see I do take good care of my trucks engine; not too bad for nearly 209,000 Km’s. I never abuse my engine; I drive it firm at times when the need arises.

So anyway just under 2000Km’s later I decided to check the engine oil to see how well the flush went. Well when I first pulled and cheaked the dipstick I nearly shit myself as I thought there was no oil in the system!!! I ran my fingers up the dipstick and to my relief there was oil on it. I was just blown away by how clean the oil was after 2000Km’s; it was like I had only just changed the oil. Engine oil is still a golden colour, slight soot can be seen.

As you see in the photos there is a slight amount of contamination in the oil; but nothing like all the oil changes in the past, well done guys…

Flushing Oil Concentrate


remove engine sludge, fix engine blowby, restore compression, how to

Probably the best before and after shots on a  NS Mitsubishi  Pajero, The dirtiest 4M41 motor I’ve seen inside and the 1st and still only timing chain problem I’ve had in the 8 years I’ve been here. Flushing oil did a great job “   Thanks RON Motocare4wd ..

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Ron Motocare4wd Brisbane

remove engine sludge, fix engine blowby, restore compression, how to

Just wanting to give you guys a round of applause for the difference your products have made to our old 1990 Nissan GQ Patrol 4.2 Diesel.

The Flushing Oil Concentrate, sheer magic, the oil is now a clear honey colour on the dipstick and black smoke has been improved by about 75%, she still blows a little puff of smoke under hard acceleration (well as hard as a 4.2 Diesel Patrol can accelerate anyway!), but I have no doubt this will improve even more with the use of the Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and FTC Decarbonizer (still on the first tank of fuel since adding these two elements to the fuel), but I will keep you posted on this. Instantly noticeable is the increase in oil pressure and the lower temp she now runs which is a godsend because she was starting to get a little hot under the collar on hot days and longer inclines.

As a point of interest for you, I followed the instructions for the FOC and drained the original oil hot, refilled to maunfacturers specs of 9.2 litres of oil and added the prescribed 125ml of FOC and when I dropped the oil after after the 30min high (1250rpm) idle I drained an incredible 14.7litres out of her, and after just 5mins the idle had gone from 1250rpm to over 1500rpm and was still climbing, forcing me to reset the idle back down to 1250rpm!

The AW10 Antiwear has improved the gear changes in the old girl out of sight, what used to be a beligerant SOB when cold is now slicker than a Parramatta Road used car salesman it has also reduced the rear diff’s very slight whine to less than a whisper, to say I am wrapped with the result thus far would be a gross understatement.  It seems to have made the old Patrol alot smoother altogether mechanically.

My wife who drives the Patrol the vast majority of the time is really impressed with the results too, so on behalf of both of us I want to thanks, and you can be assured we will be talking up the benefits of your excellent products for many years to come.

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Shane Cusack Mudgee NSW

remove engine sludge, fix engine blowby, restore compression, how to

Hi Jimmy, I would like to say thank you for the extra bit of engine oil flush. I ran the flush thru the old girl with 9 liters of clean oil for 30 mins as directed. Well over 11 litres of black gunk came out. I was totally blown away by the sludge in the bottom of the Drain Pan. I’ve added a couple of pics for your website and feel free to use my above testimony of the result. I must say my Family were impressed and will more than likely be placing an order themselves.

Once again thanks
Flushing Oil Concentrate

Evan yates

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Hi, I have been not been a fan of any oil or fuel additives in the past.

Until one day my wife took her 2011 Toyota Camry to her Toyota dealer for a service as it was 1-2 months overdue. The car had done maybe 45K and not very hard K’s at that. It was running like a pig when she took it to them, she called me that afternoon and told me the car was stuffed and needed a new engine.

As soon as I picked myself up off the floor I called Toyota to enquire what they thought the problem may have been. They told me that there had been a bad batch or poor quality oil put through the engine and had caused the engine to fail because of “blow-by” and ring freeze.

Not knowing too much about cars and stuff mechanical, I asked a mechanic friend to have a look. He pretty much confirmed that the engine was “gunked up” and would need to be pulled down. He tested the compression and told me it was very poor in two of the four cylinders.

After doing extensive research on the same issues via the internet I came across Cost Effective Maintenance. I read their stories with doubting belief but thought “what the hell can I loose” so I ordered some of the products like the engine flush Flushing Oil Concentrate
and the FTC and clean power. After using these products and changing the oil monthly for 3 months the engine made huge improvements. It was idling and not stalling when in reverse, so I kept doing what I had been doing. In 6 months the engine was back to “normal” and I have since stopped the oil changes. The oil is absolutely spotless now.

But I do keep including the two additives into the fuel at every fuel fill.

I have suggested to the good wife that she might want to run as low as possible before refuelling ensuring the right dosage is maintained.

Well, since taking the car to Toyota and being told we need a new engine, we have persisted with the additives and we are now experiencing better economy than before. We once thought the Camry was quite economical at 550K’s per tank, but since the CEM products added to the fuel we now get over 600K’s pre tank and depending on the run even more.

Needles to say I have boasted the outcome to my brother and father, who are now both converts and advocates of these great products
Flushing Oil Concentrate

Ivor Godsell (Melbourne)

It overheated every time I turned the air conditioning on.  I have replaced the Radiator (Twice), the Fan Hub (Twice), numerous thermostats, the water pump, had the cooling system cleaned out and new batteries almost 6 monthly…but no joy!

Then, one day at the doctors surgery I saw your ad in 4WDAction, and ordered a pack of Flushing Concentrate and fuel treatment. I took the Patrol to my mechanic with instructions to follow. He dropped the oil hot, and then added fresh oil and the Flush. He then set the hand throttle at 1250RPM and let the patrol idle away. After 20 minutes, revs increased to 1650RPM. Some 2L or more of sludge was flushed out, judging by the volume of dirty oil removed.

A good quality diesel oil was then added with the AW10 Antiwear additive. Leaving the garage, I put the air conditioner on and drove off up a long climb that always caused my truck to get very hot (without the air). This time, I noticed that not only did the temperature remain well within the operating range, I had also “Picked up a Gear”. The patrol was running as good as I have ever seen it.

Even running a long steep climb up the Calder Highway, with a tandem trailer and the air on, temperature stays well down.

The other improvement is the starting. I used to have problems, particularly on cold mornings, but now it starts first kick, never done that before.
Flushing Oil Concentrate

Bill Hayes Blaze Control Bushfire Sprinkler Systems

Flushing Oil Concentrate

1984 NISSAN Patrol 3.3L Diesel

Thank you! I wish I’d used your product a lot sooner, as it has made such a big difference to my Nissan Patrol. It has 372,000k’s on the clock, but is now running as if it has a new motor. It is starting easier, and running smoother and quieter than it has in the 21yrs that I’ve owned it.  Thanks again.
Flushing Oil Concentrate

Tony Edwards

Flushing Oil Concentrate

I put flushing oil concentrate in my county 110 @ 400,000 km, and it has done an amazing job! Motor is running smooth with an increase in power of 40%. I was extremely sceptical as a mechanic, this has saved me 1000\’s$ Have looked at your product for many years, never had the guts to try it, but boy you have won me will recommend this product to any one. A huge thankyou!
Flushing Oil Concentrate

David Woods

I have owned my GUIII TDi 4.2 since new (2003) and it now has 120000 Km, just run in!! I have used it predominately to tow a tandem axle Gazal caravan over 70000 Km. Having recently downsized the caravan to a much lighter model I reckoned it was time to give the Patrol a good flush. Despite regularly changing the oil and filters every 5000 Km the engine oil (Penrite 10W40 Semi Synthetic) quickly became dirty. After one flush as per the CEM instructions and filling up with new oil and fitting two new filters the oil has barely changed colour in the past 500 Km, evidence enough for me that the flush was effective and the engine is well bedded in. I am looking forward to how the oil holds up in the next 4500 Km until the next oil change

Tony Ryan

Flushing Oil Concentrate

My Kia Sorento suffered a turbo failure caused by soot blocking the oil pickup. After replacing it I used Flushing Oil Concentrate to clean the whole engine along with CRD Fuel Enhancer. Now the oil remains clean between changes and runs more efficiently.

Brian Bell

Flushing Oil Concentrate stops overheating

Both of my junkers were overheating quite badly few years back. Replaced the fan hub in both with no real results. Was hesitant, but gave them both a proper 'once over' with CEM, and was kinda amazed at the amount of sludge that came out. Was an immediate fix to the heating issues to both the GU and the Rangie.

David Maunder

Nissan Patrol overheating fixed

These products do work. My Patrol has clocked over 200K and started to overheat when towing. I tried everything, bigger radiator took the lights off for better airflow, even put a fan under the intercooler, nothing really worked. After using the CEM products my truck runs cool and smooth. It even seems to have more power. Great products.

Jeffrey Lauff

Toyota Landcruiser

First used your Flushing Oil Concentrate and Clean Power on my old 2000 Landcruiser 1 HZ, 265,000 Kms, Flushing oil concentrate did exactly as you state and cleaned the inside beautifully, so much of the built up deposits came right out. My fuel economy has improved as well as an increase in power thanks to Cleanpower. Would recommend your products as they really do work.

Chris Kowalski

Landrover Discovery Flushing oil concentrate cre fuel enhancer ftc decarbonizer

These are the best products out for diesels. I have a 2000 disco 2 TD5 with nearly 400000kms on it. Everything is still original. I run the Flushing oil concentrate during my oil changes and FTC decorbanizer with CRD fuel enhancer with every tank. I just ordered the AW10 and cant wait to add it at next service for the gearbox. I recommend these products to everyone.

Don't waste your time or money on anything else.


Dean Millman

My Troopy was due for a oil change. I visited CEM and grabbed some Flushing Oil Concentrate, FTC Decarbonizer and some CRD Enhancer. After using the Flushing Oil Concentrate i was blown away by what came out... almost an extra litre of old sludge and oil that had been building up over the years. Great Products! Tania TCOA

Tania Gilfilan

Bottle with excess sludge removed from engine after using Flushing Oil Concentrate

Did the Flushing Oil Concentrate from Cost Effective Maintenance on the Hilux this arvo. The oil in the picture was brand new an hour before the pics. Shows how much sludge build up is in the engine even after 80,000km. There is nil engine rattle and runs smooth. Toyota Hilux

Michael Cowling

Clean diesel engine dipstick with a bottle of flushing oil concentrate

I’ve done the oil flush on my 1996 hzj75 (408k) using the CEM Flushing Oil Concentrate. I’ve owned a fair few diesels and I’ve never had one with clean oil like this after a change, normally it’s black instantly. I think the Troopy tried hugging me. Toyota Troopy TCOA

Michael Jocys

Clean oil on dipstick after using the Flushing Oil Concentrate

Isuzu Dmax 1025 with 200k, runs really well now and the oil is pristine for the first time ever! The pic is 1300km of driving since using the Flushing Oil Concentrate. I use all their products, even on my ride on mower, which for the first times actually runs properly after a dose of FTC Decarbonizer... Pure magic.

Daniel Scott

Landcruiser towing caravan

I'm currently travelling AUS with the family. Before setting off I invested some time into the CEM products for my 200 Series Landcruiser. The products used are the FTC Decarbonizer, CRD Fuel Enhancer and flushing oil Concentrate. The sludge removed after using the Flushing oil Concentrate amazed me. Communication from the team at CEM was outstanding and shipping prompt. Thanks again Cost Effective Maintenance.

Wan Hoon

Very clean oil on an engine dipstick after using the Flushing Oil Concentrate

My PX ranger has 214000 kms, just had it's first treatment of Flushing Oil Concentrate. After using the Flushing Oil Concentrate the new oil and AW10 were added. I took it for a 30km drive Usually the oil is dirty again straight after it's serviced not anymore, as the picture shows. Thanks CEM.

Karl Woolnough‎

Dirty oil after using the Flushing Oil Concentrate

After 5 years of getting my Nissan Navara D22 serviced by the dealership, my mate informed me about CEM products. I took the leap and I will never look back. I can't help but tell my friends about your products. 1 week after the dealership serviced my car (oil change and new filter) I used your Flushing Oil Concentrate, and the amount of sludge that came out, close to 1 litre.

Blackie Azn‎

Clean engine oil on dipstick after using the Flushing Oil Concentrate

I've been using CEM products in my diesels for a few years now and love the products. Decided to service my brothers 2000 Toyota Camry.
Added the "Flushing Oil Concentrate" as directed and the varnish and sludge it has removed from this engine was surprising. The power increase was substantial and also runs a lot quieter.
Thanks for a fantastic product guys.

Steve Jones

New Toyota Hilux using CRD Fuel Enhancer

Hey gents, just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I’ve just done 10,000 clicks on my Hilux and used your product CRD Fuel Enhancer from the start. No rattles at all unlike my mates that doesn’t use anything. Currently at Moreton Island from Melbourne amazing place so much fun. Good to know I can rely on my motor staying clean and working at its best. Thanks Gasso
CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

Thanks Gasso

Report from Knight’s Toyota (Tristan) Their customer had purchased a new Prado TD and were travelling. After a 240km drive the Prado stopped and wouldn’t restart.

It was subsequently delivered by tilt tray to Knight’s Toyota (Leongatha VIC), where they were told that the owner had accidentally refuelled the Prado with 130L of petrol prior to driving the 240km. Service manager, Tristan Wilson advised the owner to expect a very costly rebuild as it was almost inevitable that a new fuel pump and injectors would be required.

While Knight’s had a lot of success rectifying injector problems with Cost Effective Maintenance’s CRD Fuel Enhancerthey didn’t expect it could save this engine. However, they decided to give it a go.

After draining the contaminated fuel, a strong dose of CRD Fuel Enhancer was added to 20L of diesel, and the fuel system bled. To their surprise, the engine started and within 5 minutes of rough running it cleared. A diagnostic check indicated that everything was OK, and the vehicle was test driven and then returned to a rather happy owner. Follow up communication with the owner confirmed that the engine was performing perfectly.

This kind of personal service from the Team at Knights Toyota is outstanding !

Toyota Dealer

CRD Fuel Enhancer, Cost Effective Maintenance

This customer was using CRD Fuel Enhancer in the diesel of his Colorado. He was running low on fuel so put $20 in till he got to his usual servo to fill up. It ran a bit rough after a while & he thought he might have got some water in the fuel, so checked the filter drain & all clean. He put in some more CRD Fuel Enhancer as extra lubrication & protection against rust.

It seemed “OK”sh  at highway speed so drove the 80km home. But into local traffic it struggled to get any revs above idle!

Click here to see full story ...

So next morning it was tray topped to the Holden dealer, who soon reported that there was petrol in the diesel, and that Colorado fuel pumps don’t handle petrol or water and it will need to be replaced. But when the job was complete, there was some good news…they couldn’t fault the pump or injectors. The system had all been cleaned out and was ready to pick up!

CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

CRD Fuel Enhancer

I have a worn out, old excavator that I bought for at-home landscaping. It might get used 1 or 2 times a year. Recently I did a small job, and just before I parked it up the revs were fading. I thought I ran it out of fuel. So 3 weeks later I thought I should refuel it and bleed the system. But then I noticed the fuel filter was full of water. It was through the fuel pump and injectors…it didn’t run out of fuel at all.

It hadn’t been refuelled for about 4 years, which had FTC Decarbonizer and Cleanpower in it, but it had built condensation. The pump pistons seemed to be seizing. I could only get a bit of water and rusty stain out in dribbles. My only change of recovering it to running state was to free up the pump, so I put CRD in the fuel tank and a strong hit in the fuel filter. I could only bleed a small amount through the pump, so I did a bit each day, by cranking it over a few times, then leaving it to soak over night. After a week of this, I reconnected the fuel lines and she fired up and sounds just as good as before.
CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

stops injector rattles, cleans common rail diesel injectors

Paul Burgess purchased CRD Fuel Enhancer for his D4D Hilux ute (70,000km) for preventative reasons, as he did not have any issues with it. He tows a camper trailer, and will normally sit on 100kph where possible. He recorded these fuel consumption figures while towing.

Tank before using CRD…15.3L/100k

1St Tank with CRD…14.2L/100k

Paul consider both to be similar driving conditions, and didn’t expect to see such an improvement of this size.
CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

Paul Burgess

stops injector rattles, cleans common rail diesel injectors


Hi Guys, I have been using your products since discovering them in 4WD Action Magazine a couple of months ago. I drive loaded with a steel roof rack, bull bar, winch, drawers, fridge, etc, etc. It has 235,000 km on the clock, and sees its fair share of bush work.

I’ve always had a rattle in the morning, and I know it’s a sticky injector. I’ve poured all sorts of crap into that fuel tank, from “injector cleaner”, to 2 stroke oil, with no change. I tried your CRD Fuel Enhancer, thinking, “here goes, more money down the drain.” Well, wasn’t I amazed when the Pathy started running quieter, smoother and more economically, from about 150 km from the first dose. I even gave some to my mate across the road to try in his very rattly 2.8 ltr GU Patrol. We both agree, both engines are quieter and smoother.

CRD Fuel Enhancer for Common Rail Engines

Sean Murphy.

Started using your products after talking to a mate who has been using them. My 2010 Nissan Navara ST consistently showed warning lights for carbon buildup. Started off with FTC and CRD and noticed warning lights went out after first half tank of fuel. Have used both each fill since then and no drama. Also used FOC ans AW10 before and after my services. Ute has run quieter and I have picked up and extra few km per hundred better fuel consumption as well. Thanks guys, great products.

Colin Taylor

2004 Jeep WJ with 310,000k on the clock. I noticed some knock on injectors four and five, which sit under the bulkhead. It's either dropping the engine or going through the bulkhead (no huge deal but a pain). I've now run a couple of tanks of CRD Fuel Enhancer. Knocks have gone, super quite and smooth. I've also run some AW10 in the engine, diffs, tranny and transfer case. Shifting to 4Lo/4Hi definitely smoother.

Isuzu Dmax using CEM products

I use CEM products in my Dmax . Done 100,000 k and all good. CEM products are one of my preventative maintenance strategies

Adam Kerle

Crd Fuel Enhancer Hilux 300 000Kms

The first thing I noticed when I added the CRD enhancer to my KUN26 Hilux was the increase power and response not to mention a decent reduction in injector rattle from cold. I believe I have extended the life of my engine I just ticked over 300000km and there will be many more to come. Thanks CEM.

Tomas White

CRD stops Jeep Injector rattle

After being told he was up for a new set of injectors Paul did a quick Google search and found our CRD Fuel Enhancer... after only 3 tanks he dropped in to thank us for saving him big $$$
Rattles have calmed down.
Fuel economy is now consistently is back under 10L / 100kms
and blowing a Lot less Black Smoke.

Paul Brisbane

Prado CRD fuel enhancer fuel economy

I religiously use Cost Effective Maintenance products in my fuel and oil, and really notice the difference and readily recommend  CEM to anyone who will listen.

Cheers and thanks

Mark Bullen

Delivery van using CEM products

We run the CRD fuel enhancer in our Removals Truck, Delivery Van ,our Hilux and old Rodeo. The engines all run so much better and quieter. We have noticed much better fuel economy in all our vehicles aswell.

Tanya Wickenton

2008 Toyota Hilux

I’ve used Flushing Oil Concentrate and I can’t believe how clean the engine oil is with 5000 km till next service. I also use the CRD Fuel Enhancer and now the engine runs smooth as new with 240 000 kms on the clock. I highly recommend Cost Effective Maintenance.

Craig Hines

I often travel 560 kms from one side of NSW to the other to visit my farm. My 2010 Nissan Navara had previously recorded  fuel economy on trips around the 8.4 – 8.7 mark which I was pretty happy with. After the latest trip running the CRD Fuel Enhancer it was a never before seen 7.9. The fuel economy is a bonus, I’m more concerned about protecting my injectors from bad diesel and general wear and tear – cheap insurance for $59! Thanks for the product – don’t know how you do it but it works!

Craig Stevenson

AW10 Antiwear reduces heat in 18 Speed Road Ranger

Gary’s 18sp Road Ranger was running hot…up to 120C on hot day working hard. He bought AW10 Antiwear last week and reported in the current heat wave, it was sitting on 80C most of the time and up to 85C once briefly. Glad we could help.
AW10 Antiwear

Gary Qld

reduce Blowby, stop Blowby, How to

How Richo’s  “TOECUTTER “ got a new lease on life..

“I was reading Big Rigs at work one night when I came across the Advert that stated

“$505 saves you $24000 on Detroit 60 Engine rebuild….” To find out more … CLICK HERE  

Owning a Detroit 60 with 1.8 million k’s which was also lacking in power and fuming I decided to give it a go as $500 is a lot cheaper than a rebuild, so I went ahead and purchased over the phone.

I spoke to Jimmy from Cost Effective Maintenance  and he was very helpful and told me the procedure for using the product, I rang him several times with queries on the product and he was most obliging. After applying the product I was in awe at the performance I was receiving from the truck after a few hours of working .                 Truck was running smoother, cooler, not using oil, and overall the performance is truly unbelievable. I do regular maintenance on my truck, regular services every 20000 and thought I was due to get a rebuild however after now using your product I don’t need to proceed down this road. I would highly recommend this product to ANY one for improvement in the performance of an any truck.

Richo NSW

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Riseley’s Bulk Haulage  has been using Cost Effective Maintenance Products since 2008 with outstanding results . Being an Owner Driver  Phil needed reliability out on the road, and we all know down time can cost  big $$$   After catching up with Phil we were able to see his Freightliner / Series 60 Detroit  had just clicked over the 1.5 Million Km’s     Here’s what Phil had to say  way back when he first started using CEM products .   (Riseley’s Bulk Haulage).Powered by Series 60 Detroit with 18 speed Roadranger and Eaton diffs. Use of AW10 resulted in smoother gear shifts esp when cold. No click on fast changes. A slight engine rattle has also disappeared. Temperature reductions going up the Toowoomba range were 25F for the gearbox, 15F front diff and 20F rear diff!! Owner Phil Riseley was so impressed, he had to ring us at the top of the range! 1.5 Million Kms

Riseley’s Bulk Haulage

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Maslin Bros Pty Ltd used this Kenworth daily on a contract with a Mt Isa minesite. The truck lost power and started smoking so badly, that it was not allowed back on site. The local Cummins dealer told Hugh Maslin that there was way too much blowby, and it would need rebuilding at $32,000!!! Instead, Hugh tried FTC Decarbonizer and Flushing Oil Concentrate. He was absolutely amazed at how much rubbish came out on the flush. After the treatments, the Kenworth went back to work, for the remaining 18 months of the contract…with no smoke and no oil usage!! Two years later, and the Kenworth shows no signs of deterioration. Hugh had saved the business a $32,000 rebuild,  didn’t lose any downtime, and kept his client happy.

FTC Decarbonizer

Maslin Bros Pty Ltd

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Detroit Series 60
Merv Sweetman had 500,000km on the engine with no problems, then it suddenly started fuming badly, and went to 6-7 L in 2 days. Detroit people said it needed a rebuild at $14,000. He started using FTC Decarbonizer and Flushing Oil Concentrate. Now 400,000 km later, the truck is still running better than ever and no oil consumption. His Caterpillar engines are also running better, and the oil in them stays very clean right to the change interval.
FTC Decarbonizer

Merv Sweetman

The bus does a 130km daily run picking up & dropping off school kids. The engine a Detroit 6V92, was reconditioned 800,000kms ago, by the previous owner. At 1400 rpm, it really lacked torque. After using FTC Decarbonizer it now pulls well from as low as 1100 rpm, and is 1 gear higher on hills.
FTC Decarbonizer

Ron Tasmania

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

Runs Brisbane to Perth and carries 2000L diesel in 4 tanks.It always ran short of fuel before reaching Perth. On FTC Decarbonizerit now arrives with about 250L diesel left in the front tanks. (1.5 million kms)
FTC Decarbonizer

Central Highlands Carrying Co.  

We  uses AW10 throughout his fleet, in all components (eg hydraulics, engines, transmissions, final drives, etc). Craig reports much cooler hydraulic temperatures in hard work applications eg Komatsu dozer during stick raking work. Before AW10 it the hydraulics were too hot to put your hand on. When using AW10, it’s relative cool to touch. He had a scraper with a hydraulic pump chattering, and found that AW10 quietened it down considerably. He’s found it useful in A Komatsu PC300 excavator, and grader hydraulics.

AW10 Antiwear

Craig Schulz

reduce gearbox heat, noisy gearbox, reduce engine wear

The 12 speed overdrive gearbox was notchy to change, and the gearstick would vibrate and rattle. AW10 took all the vibration out of it, and it is now quieter and smoother to change. Caterpillar D9 Final Drives are notorious for running hot. AW10 reduces operating temperature markedly. 5-6% in efficiency.

AW10 Antiwear

J. Murphy QLD

This truck had a noisy gearbox, and gear shifting was difficult. It had a roll over bearing type noise, and was really due for a rebuild. He used AW10 in 2001. The noise disappeared in about 150km. It is still going well in 2006, and he’s now heading for 5 years grace from a rebuild!
AW10 Antiwear


Fuel system cleaner, cleans diesel injectors, cleans petrol injectors

An extended fuel consumption study showed a 7.3% fuel saving on B-Double work between Brisbane and Rockhampton. The engine ran much cooler. The fan would normally cut in several times on the trip, but with Cleanpower, it only cuts in twice!

Cleanpower Fuel Treatment and Fuel Injector Cleaner

Flushing Oil Concentrate

Like many modern truck diesels, these are prone to sludging up badly. FOC was run in the oil for 40 minutes before draining. From that point, the power and economy improvement was most noticeable. Fitted with oil centrifuges, about 1 cm depth of dirt would be collected at each service period. However, after the flush, there was no centrifuge dirt at all, indicating less contaminant blowby.
Flushing Oil Concentrate

Leo used FTC on a rebuilt Mack engine, which had glazed due to poor run in procedure. Problem solved.

Leo Giuntini (TARA)

FTC Decarbonizer Cost effective maintenanceFitted with 6V92 Turbo Detroit Diesel. Since being rebuilt 6-7 months ago, it always ran cool, and as a result glazed and carboned up, with a high oil consumption problem. Chem Tech product “Super Tech” did not address the problem, so FTC Decarbonizer was tried. Oil consumption on the Mt Bulla, South Australia and return to Melbourne trip was reduced to zero. Fuel consumption is still being assessed, but the normal range is 1100-1200km per tank. (Initial results showed 800km at half a tank.)

FTC Decarbonizer

The truck does all on site work, and had coked up badly from it. As a result, fuel consumption was down to 1.69km/L. Power and economy were restored over the next 3 tanks of treated fuel…1.96km/L, then 2.12km/L and then 2.45km/L. Other trucks on site used to pass me, but now I leave them for dead!
FTC Decarbonizer

K. Wright NSW

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

(The engine was so carboned up, that I could see sparks being thrown out of the exhaust at night. It couldn’t pull full revs. After a few tanks with FTC Decarbonizer, it really cleaned up, the sparks stopped and I had full rev power again.

FTC Decarbonizer

D. Riseley VIC

We first purchased FTC Decarbonizer after suffering suspected glazing, due to light freight and southern artic conditions. The engine had been fully rebuilt, but was down on power and billowed white smoke. Within six hours of using FTC, there was no white smoke and power improved . On top of that, we are saving $1000 on diesel per 5L of FTC Decarbonizer.

AAA Interstate Removals

Site tipper work. Excessive idling and cool operating temperature caused power loss and blowby. FTC Decarbonizer made a marked difference to increase power and fuel economy. It also stopped the blowby.
FTC Decarbonizer

George, Bay City Earthworks

reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

A concrete pumping truck, it worked short runs only. It was hard to start, and suffered white smoke cold & power loss. After 1 day on FTC, it starts well and cleanly with much better power.
FTC Decarbonizer

Gav dropped in last week and loaded up again with FTC Decarbonizer ... ready for another week hauling

Gavin Zabel

Dyno Results Case Studies

2005 VZ SS Commodore with the last gen LS1 5.7 

Knights of Leongatha Test car for Dyno tuning. Modifications OTR Cold Air Intake  full 2 1/2  Exhaust and a computer touch up. Vehicle was flushed with Flushing Oil Concentrate. AW10  Antiwear added to the manual gear box and  engine. Petrol was also dosed with FTC Decarbonizer.



The results are outstanding, that’s an  increase from 255.6 kW to 265.4 Kw ! 



Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier 1HZ Knights of Leongatha  performed a Dyno before and after treating the landcruiser with FTC Decarbonizer. The Troopy has done 386 000 Kms (unopened)

Below are the results after running FTC Decarbonizer for only 1000Kms. The vehicles owner cant believe how freely it now rev’s now that it is no longer choked with carbon.


Before treating with FTC  64.7kW  now  76.6kW!! … that’s a massive 18% increase  just by running the FTC Decarbonizer

Toyota Hilux 2008 (Common Rail Riesel).  Knight’s Toyota (Leongatha, VIC) performed a dynomometer test on this Hilux just before servicing, and again after flushing the engine with Flushing Oil Concentrate, and boosting the oil’s lubricity with AW10 Antiwear. Rear wheel horsepower increased from 97.6kW to 105.4kW… an increase of 8%, by simply reducing internal engine friction!!

cleans DPF filters, cleans turbos, deglazes engines

A 16 litre Volvo, in a crayfish boat working out of Fremantle, only lasted 6,500 hours before the piston crowns mushroomed and starting seizing. Jota Marine rebuilt the engine with new liner kits and encouraged the owner run it with FTC.

At 10,000 hours the head was removed for scheduled service work.We were interested to see how the FTC had been working on one of our rebuilds. After 3,500 hours work, the piston crowns and cross hatching on the bores looked almost like new and measured well within wear tolerances”

DAVE Jota Marine WA FTC Decarbonizer

cleans DPF filters, cleans turbos, deglazes engines

Peter Wisbey, a long time member of Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, has owned his Alaska 42 for 9 years and been running FTC Decarbonizer  for the last three.

“Every year we go to the Abrolhos Islands, a round trip of 740 Nautical miles including fishing. With twin Cummins main engines, and the 9.2 Westerbeke genset, we are now averaging 38.26 litres per hour which is excellent. I am very happy with FTC for the fuel economy and clean, smoke free running…plus we are using CRD Fuel enhancer in our 4WDs”

Jota Marine WA FTC Decarbonizer

David Berthold from Jota Marine was introduced to FTC Decarbonizer and the CEM range over 13 years ago when it was enthusiastically recommended to him by a customer. With a professional suspicion of fuel and oil additives, David starting using FTC on several vessels, logging the results. The benefits were undeniable, with cleaner running, better fuel economy and importantly, far less diesel soot residue fouling the white gel-coat paint of the boats. It also killed the dreaded “Fuel Bug” common in marine tanks.

David Berthold 0414 283 028 Jota Marine

FTC Decarbonizer kills diesel bug

1991 Fairways 36ft

Third boat was my own; I bought a 1991 Fairways 36 that had a huge fuel bug issue in both tanks. After getting a price for both tanks to be flushed, to get rid of the fuel bug and picking myself off the floor, I decided to add FTC to full tanks of fuel.

The FTC broke down the bug, and separated it from the fuel. This made it very easy to remove the bug contamination, by draining the bottom of the Racor primary filter approx. every 5 hours of running. By the second tank of fuel (with FTC) added there was very little to be drained and now it’s completely clean.

Cworthy marine FTC Decarbonizer

1998 53ft Carver with 6 cylinder Volvos

The second boat was a 1998 53ft Carver with 6 cylinder Volvos at approx. 1600 hours. These engines had little smoke on start up but at 8-10 knots cruising speed, were completely covering his swim platform and transom with black soot that would take hours of cleaning up after every trip out.

Once again, with a dose of CRD and FTC, after the very first trip the owner called and could not believe the results with barely any exhaust soot. Now, with adding only the FTC to his tank on fill up, there is no exhaust soot at all on his boat after a trip out.

CWorthy Marine

C Worthy Marine has been using Cost Effective Maintenance products for some time now with 100% success rate. We used their fuel additives for three completely different issues, in different vessels. It was then we realized that we had discovered this secret weapon! CEM Products

A 16 litre Volvo, in a crayfish boat working out of Fremantle, only lasted 6,500 hours before the piston crowns mushroomed and starting seizing. Jota Marine rebuilt the engine with new liner kits and encouraged the owner run it with FTC.

At 10,000 hours the head was removed for scheduled service work.

We were interested to see how the FTC had been working on one of our rebuilds. After 3,500 hours work, the piston crowns and cross hatching on the bores looked almost like new and measured well within wear tolerances”  DAVE Jota Marine
FTC Decarbonizer

I use costeffective maintenance FTC decarboniser and AW10 anti wear in my commercial fishing boat. She has a 435 hp cat engine that was around when Noah was building the Ark, and has been rebuit many times. Since using Cem products i have gotten much better fuel economy, cooler running temp and possibly a couple of thousand hours extra before her next engine rebuild (by my normal indicators, oil usage, reduced oil pressure , higher running temp, reduced compression). I also use A10 antiwear and CRD fuel enhancer in my wifes isuzu MUX and my vw Amarok , it too makes a noticeable difference. I cant recommend these products any higher. Top stuff !

Matt Jenkins

Xtroll Rust Conqueror

Here is a progress photo of the Xtroll Rust Conqueror being used  on the under guard of a Isuzu Dmax. Only one coat was needed as it was not heavily rusted.

The final photo is after applying a coat of Xtroll Impact Black,  It is  impact resistant perfect for underbody.

Xtroll Impact Black Paint

Xtroll Rust Conqueror used on faded paint

Xtroll Rust Conqueror used on oxidized paint.This old Land Rover was in urgent need of attention before going to the scrap heap

After applying one coat of the Xtroll Rust Conqueror the results were fantastic. Not only did it bring life back to the  badly oxidized paint but stopped the rust from further damage

Xtroll Rust Conqueror

CEM Test Vehicle Xtroll Rust Conqueror

Xtroll Rust Conqueror

Good afternoon Cost Effective Maintenance,

I picked up a 4L tin of Xtroll Rust Conqueror two months ago & thought I would send you some photos of a few demo hammer bits both before & after the wire wheel &  Rust Conqueror.

Clay Spade restored with Xtroll Rust ConquerorClay Spade before being restored with Xtroll Rust ConquerorChisel post restored Xtroll Rust Conqueror They camChisel Pre Xtroll Rust Conqueror Restoration e up very nicely. It is great stuff. Xtroll Rust Conqueror


Andrew Parkinson Xtroll Rust Conqueror