• reduce gearbox heat, noisy gearbox, reduce engine wear, How to

    Aw10 Antiwear Special Offer

    AW10 Antiwear Special Offer

    (AW10 is supplied in 2 x 1 Litre Bottles)

    That’s a saving of $16.00!

    Free Delivery.
    For Australian customers only.

    $180.00 incl. GST

    USD $230.00
  • reduce blowby, stop Blowby, How to

    Truckies Blowby Pack

    Don’t rebuild! You need to get everything clean with CEM’s Truckie Pack first! In most instances, this fixes your problem! You’ve boosted power, reduced fuel use and destressed the engine and it’s good for a few more years work.
    • Blowby?
    • Oil use?
    • Power loss?
    • Smoke?
    • Poor turbo life?
    • EGR & DPF problems?
    From: USD $579.00
  • ProVent 200 Oil Catch Can

    The ProVent 200 is the only catch can we know of that prevents oil from crankcase fumes getting into the inlet manifold…and that means no choking inlet manifold build up.
    For Australian customers only.

     $220.00 incl. GST

    USD $174.24
  • Silver

    Xtroll Silver is a Rust Conqueror based paint  designed to give a physical barrier to moisture and weathering, and more importantly  greatly reducing heat transfer.

    • Exceptional for use in areas of immersion, boat trailers etc.
    • High coverage rates, mean economy on the job.
    • Has a huge tolerance for UV, long life in harsh sun.
    • Great for decreasing heat transfer.

    For Australian customers only.

    From: USD $51.44
  • Overheating Value Pack

    Save $29 to $59

    Three approaches to address overheating issues in the one pack.

    From: USD $229.00
  • Discover The Secrets

    Over 30 years of accumulate maintenance know how and tips available in a concise, easy to read form.
    • Oil… do this simple test, and you'll get more life out of your diesel engine
    • Blue, black or white smoke… What does it mean?
    • Cooling system failures… a quick death for engines
    • Understand the different types of wear and add life to your equipment
    • Effective rust proofing for your 4×4, and its FREE

    Sale $20 Save $19.95

    USD $39.95 USD $20.00
  • Ultimate Petrol Pack

    This is a whole of vehicle pack, which also treats transmissions (auto & manual), transfer cases, final drives, power steering, etc., and is designed to restore and/or maintain new equipment performance and provide greatly extended service life for petrol powered vehicles.

    From: USD $389.00
  • Impact Black

    Xtroll Impact Black, is a fast drying heavy duty enamel coating. Easy to apply and dry to touch after one hour.

    • Ideal on chassis of off road vehicles, particularly beach vehicles.
    • Use over Rust Conqueror for the ultimate under body protection.
    • Use on buried pipe or metal, ideally in conjunction with Rust Conqueror.
    • Hard wearing, excellent life.

    For Australian customers only.


    From: USD $51.44
  • Petrol Performance Pack

    Save $17 to $275

    Designed to optimize power and economy while minimizing wear and internal stresses to petrol engines, transmissions and other components

    From: USD $299.00
  • GP Primer

    Xtroll GP Primer is a single pack solvent based primer, which is a blend of Rust Conqueror and a quick drying alkyd primer for use on metal surfaces. Xtroll GP Primer is typically used on every type of clean metal surface or structure, for example: roofs, vehicles, towers, tanks, cranes, bridges etc. plus any other Rust Conqueror coated surface. Used in wharf areas when over coated with suitable top coats, for immersed steel and concrete structures in salt or fresh water situations.

    For Australian customers only.

    From: USD $47.48